Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baubles on Display

On one of my recent trips to Goodwill, I spied just what I needed to create something pretty, yet useful- a Necklace organizer! This ugly blue frame used to hold a mirror. It was the perfect size!
Here are some step-by-step instructions on how you can get yourself one of these bad boys! In order to create it, I picked up the following supplies:
  • Corkboard (found @ Lowe's, $6-something)
  • Wire Screw-In Hooks (Found at Lowe's, ?cheap?)
  • Fabric (already had it)
  • Primer & Spray paint (already had it)
  • Staple gun & staples (already had)
  • X-acto knife, or something similar
Step 1: Disassemble your frame & prime and paint your frame.
Step 2:
Lay the frame back on the corkboard & trace around it. Cut along line. I used 2 pieces thick, so that the hooks had room to screw all the way in.

If you can't fit the whole shape on one sheep of cork, just continue it onto another piece, like so:
Step 3: Glue the pieces of cork together if you're using two thick. Then staple both pieces together like you see below.
Step 4: Cut out a piece of fabric about an inch larger than the cork.Step 5: Wrap the fabric back around the cork & staple, making small pleats.

Step 6: Staple your frame back to the cork, for support. Staples should go through the back, not the fabric.Step 7: Attack the cork & back to the frame. This is where the whole project went ghetto. :) The stapler wouldn't cooperate and attach the back to the frame, so we went with our good old duct tape! Hey, no one will ever see it, right?? (the blue drips are from the previous owners)
Step 8: Firmly press the point of the screw hook into the fabric & twist while pushing downward. It should go right through the fabric & twist into the cork. When it feels tight, you're done.
Step 9: Staple ribbon onto the back of the frame on the top sides & tie in a tight bow at the top.
Step 10: Hang it on your wall, add some baubles, and smile! :)


Lucy Marie said...

I love it! I am definitely making myself one of those.

Cristina said...

oh my gosh...seriously C, you rock my world!

That Fresh Feeling said...

that is so cute! good job!

Roeshel said...

What a clever idea! Love it!

S. said...


The Kendalls said...

SO pretty! this is going to be one of my new fav sites i can tell :)

Jen said...

Love it, love it, love it! I think I might need a few of these in my new bedroom!!

Carol said...

What a great DIY project! and it turned out so well! All my necklaces are just in knots in my drawers, I could use something like this.

Katie said...

I love jewelry boards!

here is mine I made not too long ago: