Monday, June 22, 2009

From the Side of the Road to the Side of the Kitchen

This was just another lesson in seeing potential. Z (the hubby) and I were driving along this country road a couple weeks ago and saw some people piling a bunch of furniture out by the road. So we figured, let's check it out! Turned out they were trashing everything that hadn't sold in their garage sale. So.. we picked up an old shelf that looked kind of like it used to be a "hutch" that went on top of a desk or mini-buffet. It was in sad condition.

I can't find my before pictures to save my life, but just trust me- the finish was flaking, there were all sorts of stains and drink rings. But, that's what we do best, right? - Make the ugly pretty.

EDIT: Found some befores!!

So I whipped out my trusty sand paper, primer, and spray paint. Here it is, all spiffed up, making itself useful in my kitchen (and let's pretend my apartment doesn't have ugly 70's floors, k?):
And trust me, when apartment living, you need every bit of storage space you can get! Not bad for free, huh? :)

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Lucy Marie said...

What an awesome job! We are like that too, we often stop at the "junk piles" at the end of driveways to see if there are any treasures.

By the way, I love love love that red dish on the bottom shelf.

Annie said...

Impressive! It turned out great!

Cristina said...

doesn't matter where you space is never enough!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

great before and after! It looks amazing! I love what a fresh coat of white can do to a piece of furniture!

The DIY Show Off said...

Great find! And great job at making it pretty! I'd never know it was the same thing as shown in before pictures :)

Sarah said...

Oh wow, that looks awesome!!! Way to see the potential in that piece...can't beat free and a coat of white paint. I've been dying to refinish something, I just can't find the right something...maybe I just need to drive around more and see what people are getting rid of:) Super cute!!!

Join the Gossip said...

good job!