Monday, June 8, 2009

Mail Sorter

If you're anything like Z and I, you have a problem with too many papers, envelopes, receipts, magazines, etc. piling up near your entry or where ever you set all your stuff down after walking in the door. I got fed up with this problem Friday on my day off, and came up with this solution:

A DIY "Mailbox".

Step One:
Get yourself an old used USPS flat rate mailing box, or something of similar size. Mark lines where you want to cut.
Step Two:
Use an Exacto knife or similar tool to cut your lines. Precision and straight lines are key.
Step Three:
Lay the cut out box on fabric of your choice and measure how much you'll need to cover the inside and outside. It's just like wrapping a present!

Step Four:
Cut the fabric at the corners and fold into the box. Secure with a spray adhesive or good old no-wrinkle Elmer's. Continue folding and gluing as if wrapping a present.Step Five:
Once all your flaps are glued down, stick some of that clutter in there, and get it off your kitchen table/entry console/whatever you use.

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