Monday, June 8, 2009

Dining Set Overhaul

Someday I'd love a big, elegant dark wood dining set. This one Z and I found on craigslist was no where near that- but for $40, I knew I could do something with it! For the time being, I'm loving it! Here it is- The chairs- 2 with primer, 2 with nothing.And the table base with primer on:Below is myself talking on the phone while starting the first coat of paint on the primer. Don't ya love my awesome plaid shirt? It's an old one Z let me wear. You know I wasn't about to get my shirts all paint covered! Gotta love it!!
The table top with one coat of paint.
Table base with one coat.
Chairs getting their first coat of paint. Wow, these babies took forEVER! And of course I didn't spray paint- each one took approximately 1/2 hours. Whew! :)

And finally, 16 hours later:
A "new" dining set ready to entertain!!

Approximate cost of project:
$40 - table & chairs via craigslist [not counting the 3 other vintage-y chairs I'm going to refinish]
$15 - paint brushes / mini rollers
$20 - paint, primer, polyurethane (quart sizes)
$15 - refurbished belt sander (was $30, but I'm only counting half since we'll use it again and again!)

Total: $90
For a Dining set (table has removable leaf) that looks almost new!!

What do you think? Worth the effort? :)

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Katie McFarlan said...

This looks awesome!!! I am currently debating what to do with my craigslist dining room set-sand/strip/stain or sand/paint....the choices!!!