Monday, July 20, 2009

Bedding Bliss

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bedding for a while now. And after tons of searching, I found it! Check it out:
I found it here. It was originally $130. More than I wanted to pay.. but this set was perfection! So.. after checking with the wonderful hubby, I placed an order. And to my delight, I received TWO discounts! SmartBargains was running a 10% sale, then somehow I got another twenty-something-dollars off for paying with PayPal! Order total: $103.54

And then.. I signed up for a free trial of a shopping service to get another $20 back. I'll cancel after the 30 days and still get to keep the $20. So that brings the total down to $83.54! (!!!) Am I excited? You BETCHA!

Can't wait to show you guys my updated Master Bedroom! And, if you're a SmartBargains virgin (as I was 1hr. ago), go check it out, my friends!

What is your go-to place for bedding? Anyone else score some sweet stuff on SmartBargains??


Monica the Bride said...

I've been eyeing that exact to go see how I can get the price down, too. :o)

pocket full of pink said...

I love it! So sophisticated!

New England Girl said...

That set is gorgeous! And I am definitely going to have to check out SmartBargains... sounds like they have some fantastic deals!

Lucy Marie said...

That is really nice bedding. I have such a hard time with bedding, I am VERY picky about it. We have two different duvet covers and already, after 3 years, I'm tired of both of them.

kermiefrg said...

really pretty!