Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DIY Chevron Tray

Who doesn't love a good chevron pattern? After seeing the following pictures from Sunset magazine, I decided the pattern was just what my little red tray needed!

So, here's the tray (under some other finds that week) before:And after:

First, I spray painted the inside of the tray Krylon's Almond spray paint
Then, I taped off the bottom with 1" wide painter's tape. This part takes a while to ensure that you get even lines, but is so worth it. Hint: lay your tape down & don't worry about it extending up onto the sides. Once all the tape is down, take an X-acto knife and trim all the excess off the sides. You can even trim tape off your chevron lines if they're not perfectly straight at the corners. Just make sure you press down lightly enough to cut the tape ONLY- you don't want to ruin the first coat of paint.

Then I just gave it a few coats of white spray paint and waited for it to dry. Once it dried, I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal this:

Love it!

Have any of you used a Chevron pattern in your home? Do share!


Domestic Princess said...


Jen said...

Nice work! I have to admit that I usually have NO patience whatsoever for painter's tape... but your tray project has me reconsidering...

JennyMac said...

This looks fantastic!

Amy @ Renovation Innovation said...

Great job. Not sure I would have the patience to tape all those chevrons!

Britt said...

This is so funny - I just found your blog and have been searching through you DIY archives (and having lots of fun!!) and I just saw that you used Waverly cross-section fabric for a pillow. I've used the same fabric in taupe for a bolster pillow and now I'm using it in green for crib skirts in my nursery. And then I saw your cute little milk glass canisters with lids in this post. I have a set of 6! It's just funny to run into very specific coincidences like that. Anyways, I'm loving your blog and will definitely be back!