Monday, July 6, 2009

Guest Post by Camilla - Message Board

Hi Everyone,

Since Courtney is off on vacation I have the pleasure of starting off the week of guest bloggers.

I write an Interior Design blog called, “High-Heeled Foot in the Door”and was really excited to find something to post about for Project Pretty Monday.

Well excitement quickly turned into panic. What was I going to write about? Yes, I’ve done a lot of turning the ugly into pretty in my home, but I’ve already blogged about it so I needed something new!

I finally found the perfect thing that I think everyone could do in their own home.



Vintage feed sack

Cork on a roll

Spray Glue

Staple Gun



I started out with a vintage feed sack that I had purchased off Etsy for $10!

camila random 029

Then I grabbed my canvas, cork roll and spray glue.

camila random 031 camila random 033

I sprayed the cork with glue and pressed it onto the canvas board.

Next step was just to cut the feed sack from the back down the middle and wrap around the canvas and staple on.

board 007

I then took some ribbon and glued it on as well to add something a little extra to the piece and cover a seam that was showing.

board 009

For the final step you can keep it as it and purely use it as artwork for your kitchen or take advantage of the cork underneath and use it to pin up recipes, shopping lists, photos, etc.

board 010

I hope you all enjoyed the latest addition to project pretty. It was very easy to do. Many of the supplies I already had at home and in totally the project came to around $35 bucks.




Lucy Marie said...

Looks neat! And I have those very same recipe cards. I also have a weekly meal planning notepad and a recipe box in the same pattern. Very cute!

The DIY Show Off said...

Hi Camilla!

I love your project - I really want to make something from a grain sack...the look is so cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

Haven and Home said...

Camila how wonderful is this!!!! You are so creative!