Saturday, July 25, 2009

In The Works

Dear Readers,

I've been leaving you in the dark lately on what's happening around here. There are two room makeovers in the works, and I can't wait to show you some awesome before & afters. As some of you know, we are still currently renting, so I'm really trying to learn as much as I can about maximizing the visual impact of a room without painting walls & trim or changing flooring and such things. It's not easy, my friends, but I know I'm not the only renter out there. My hope is that you'll see that even when renting, it's fully possible to create a beautiful, livable space.. on a budget.

We've made some much needed furniture purchases & purged some old decor. Having been married only 8 months now, we were still sporting Z's old bachelor pad pleather couch and blue chair.. While we're thankful that we have had a place to relax when so many do not, we're very much looking forward to the upgrade.

I've done oodles of smaller decor projects in order to complete the rooms, but I'm waiting til I can show you a finished room to reveal them.

Of course, no room is ever finished for me. The creative juices get antsy, and something will always be changing, but I promise some results soon.

It's about to get verry pretty around here, hang on! ;)


Your crazy, paint-frenzied blogger,

PS- There is also a possibility in the near future that we'll be the owners of a place of our own.. which would mean bundles of projects, I'm sure!

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A said...

You're probably already aware..but I saw a show that's coming onto HGTV called For Rent (i think??!) I thought of you when I saw the commercial :)

I'm excited to see your room makeovers!