Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Making the Bed with Yours Truly

I'm a bit of a bed-freak (minds out of the gutter, people!! Bed freak = someone who has to have everything straight, ironed, tucked, & made up right). I blame it on my parents- we were never allowed to leave the house without making our beds growing up. But now, I'm thankful. I love having a nicely made bed. :)

This week my beloved new bedding arrived, and last night I got the time to get it all put together. So, I grabbed the camera, and decided to take you guys along for the ride. Exciting, right? I thought so... ;)

Where to start? Take all the old bedding off & flip the mattress up on it's side, off the box spring. Remove the old bedskirt. Now we've got a clean slate to work with.

STAGE 1: The Bed Skirt

I always start by ironing the part that hangs down- not the part that's hidden by your mattress. Although, in these pictures it barely looks like I've ironed it, I have- it just gets a little crinkled when I'm doing the opposite side. Then I lay it down on the box-spring. I don't think you can actually call ours a box spring, as it doesn't have any springs, but I don't know what else to call it, so feel free to clue me in if you know.

Anyway, I like my bed skirt to just kiss the floor, like so:

Apparently, this bed skirt was made for a taller frame, because it was 3-4 in. too long. My solution? Safety pins! I just fold it under and pin it to the fabric top of the box spring.

Once the bedskirt is all secured, I flip the mattress back over onto it. We have a foam topper we put on it, and then a mattress protector/pad.

STAGE 2: Sheets

I actually just bought new sheets to match as well. They're 400TC cotton sateen w/ a 100% silk cuff. I got them at Marshall's for $39.95. Looove them!

I always lay mine face down (so the back of the hem is facing me) with the cuff folded down.

My mom is an ER nurse, so she started me on folding hospital (or military) corners as far back as I can remember. Here's a little picture tutorial of how it's done (or at least how I do it!).

Get it? :)

Since it's summertime, I don't bother to put a blanket on.

STAGE 3: Comforter (or Duvet, Coverlet, or Quilt- whatever you use)

Usually when you take these out of the package they're ridiculously wrinkly, so I (being OCD) iron these as well. I ironed the outside trim piece of this comforter on the ironing board, and the rest, I did right on the bed! Here's a comparison of one side ironed, and one not.

Totally worth it- no matter how crazy Z thinks I am!

Once I've got it all ironed out, I fold down the top & fold the sheet down over it.

STAGE 4: Pillows

I also iron the pillowcases and shams, since they show. I placed the "shammed" pillows behind the others to break up the continuous pattern.

I also add throw pillows. However, I only had one on hand that worked. I plan on creating a couple more out of some pretty fabric I picked up last night.

STAGE 5: Finishing Touches

I like adding a coordinating throw blanket, quilt, or something similar folded at the end of the bed. Lukcy me, I had the perfect one sitting right in our linen closet!

I love how bedding can change the whole look of the room! In this case, it gave our bedroom a much more light, relaxing feel.

How about you guys? Anyone else swapped out their bedding recently? Are any of you a bed-freak? What's your preference- hospital corners, or not?


The DIY Show Off said...

I'm so jealous. lol I LOVE a made bed and tucked corners but my husband does not. :( So, usually it's just a mess. And he flipped our king-sized mattress last time...he must have dragged the bed skirt with him and put it back on. It's on inside-out. lol I have yet to fix it all. One of these days...

Lucy Marie said...

I am a total bed freak. When I was a kid, it used to drive me nuts that my grandma would make us re-make our beds all the time if we didn't do it right. She also never let us sit on the comforter, we always had to pull it back. Now, I make my bed just like she showed me when I was a kid and I re-make it if my hubby makes it wrong! I haven't switched up the bedding lately, but I am beginning to get bored with the stuff I've got.

b is for brown said...

you are good!

um. my down comforter is too small for our duvet. :(

C said...

I am totally obsessed with making sure the bed is perfectly made as well, as a kid I was not allowed out until my bed was made and my laundry was taken to the laundry room...seriously, it was a sin to have dirty clothes and a messy bed! Now that I am on my own I still follow the rules :)

Jen said...

I am the opposite of a bed freak... I think. We never made our beds as kids, and I still don't do it. I tried for a while, but then I saw a show that suggested that dust mites and other nasties can breed better if you make the bed. And I am using that as my excuse for laziness. :) (Typically, I just fold back the comforter and sheet so that both the top and bottom of them are at the foot of the bed. It's neat-looking without putting in an effort!)

Annie said...

too funny! you are very proper when it comes to making your bed all that sheet folding in the corners ;)
and i thought i was picky!
when i get home from work if i don't like the way B made our bed i will tear it apart and remake it!

S. said...

beautiful set! i love it. and thanks for the tutorial. no matter how man times i have been shown, i can never get hospital corners right!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

My goodness! You, my friend are the queen of the bed. (Is that weird?) Hmmm... ;)
I hate to say it, but although I love how a beautifully made bed looks, mine often remains either unmade or sloppily done. I promise I won't show pics. ;)
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for joining us at "The Zoo". I do love meeting new friends.

La Nouvelle Femme said...

Hi! I'm a new reader and I just had to comment on this post! I'm so glad there is someone else out there who is as crazy about their bed as I am! Unlike you, I never had to make my bed growing up but now I have to! I like the corners to be hospital corners, too and it makes me crazy when the sheet sticks out somewhere below the comforter. For our wedding this summer we got a nice down-free white comforter so I have that on our bed now and it's so nice and summery. When I took it out of the bag, it was pretty wrinkled and I considered ironing it, but hubby thought I was totally nuts (even more than usual!). Now that I see how much nicer yours looked after ironing, I may have to go do ours though! :)

Embellished Bayou said...

Your bed looks great! I'm not quite so OCD when it comes to making the bed, no hospital corners for me! But I do fold the sheets down and put the shammed pillows behind the regular ones. I also like the look of the comforter (or a quilt or blanket) folded down at the end of the bed.