Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Project Pretty Feature!

If you've parused the site at all this morning, you've probably noticed something different in the sidebar. Haven't looked yet? Come on, click out of those readers, and see if you can find it!

Found it yet?

You got it! There's now a section entitled "Pretty Things" where I'll be periodically showcasing items I've found while screen-shopping (the online equivalent of window shopping).

Some are just great deals I'm waiting to snatch up, some I'm dying to find someone else's home to put them in, and some are inspiration for upcoming projects. So, if you're really good, you'll already have an idea of what I'm working on.

If you need some fresh new items to update your home, come check it out from time to time! Note: I receive no compensation for putting those items on my site & linking to them. I'm doing it solely to share things I'm currently loving with you all.

So, now that you've seen the spread, what are your faves? Anyone else have the perfect spot for those adorable candlesticks?


Jen said...

I've had my eye on mirrored star pendants since I spied them in Target a few years ago... I love them! (and I love your new bloggy blog section)!

Lucy Marie said...

I love the pretty things section. Those candlesticks are lovely but no place for them in my house :(

I love the green pillows the best.

b is for brown said...

LOVE the bedding and that rug! i love pretty things! so glad you did this!

C said...

I love that bedding and those candle I am trying to justify ordering them! lol...I probably wont

Embellished Bayou said...

I normally read everyone's blog posts in Google Reader but now I'll have to keep visiting your page to see all the pretty tempting! Love the bed linens, candlesticks & mirrored stars