Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Deals in the World.... Market

From time to time I browse through World Market's website. Today I figured I'd bring you all some of the best deals I found. You can browse through, pick your fave, and hurt the others' feelings. It'll be like junior high all over again. Sound fun? K thought so.

First up we have this lovely glass lamp. Let's call her the cheer captain. You know how I love glass lamps.. (so much I DIY'd my own).. and this one gets my stamp of approval. For $55.99, she's pretty easy on the wallet compared to say.. the Pottery Barn version. So it's like the easy cheer captian vs. the hard-to-get valedictorian. Yeah, you'll probably go with the cheerleader.

Next we have the Clover Mirror, aka the art student. She's the one who everyone tries to compete with, but they all fall short. One stroke of her $39.99 paintbrush, and the teacher forgets about the giant mural the other kid made.

Our third contender is this bright 3'x5' jute boucle rug. He's the skater boy- colorful, tough on the inside, and all about high traffic. He might sound like a wanna-be with that$12.99 tag he's sporting, but he'll outlast the other guys any day!

These Leather Cubes come in at the stunning price of $29.99. Let's call them the travel team. Their shiny jerseys, multiple talents, and eye-catching shape have all the ladies swooning. And for that price, there's plenty of room inside each macho-man for allll the girls. [In no way was that intended to sound... eh, inappropriate. oops]

So, which little number stole your heart.. or your wallet?? ;)

[My apologies if this post conjured up any old feelings of resentment or jealousy from your teen years.]


Lucy Marie said...

Funny post. I am in love with the glass lamp. I doesn't really fit the style of my home though.

La Nouvelle Femme said...

Haha, you crack me up. That stuff is so cute! I'm jealous-- last fall World Market closed ALL of its stores in MN. :(

Krista said...

gotta love the metaphorical description of each item!

And now I need to find out where the closest World Market can be found... :o)

Haven and Home said...

World Market is one of those places I don't go to a lot but when I do I love a bunch of stuff there.

Kell said...

oh i love this blog! totally following you now. i love DIY and especially when you can make something inexpensive look fabulous! these are great finds, thanks for the heads up :)


Better After said...

Hello! I was just poking around blogland and landed here! Thought I'd say hi! I'm loving the lamp.

The DIY Show Off said...

Catching up - where have I been? I didn't realize I missed so much!

I don't have a World Market store local but I love to browse the website. I'd go for the lamp. :)