Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cristina's Dining Room

Cristina just bought new dining room furniture and was looking for some suggestions on how to finish off the room. Her post about it is here. Here are a few shots of the room:
Cristina wanted an ivory and blue palate to compliment the pretty potpori she already has on the table:

She's got a great start doesn't she?? Well, I put together an idea board for her with some suggestions for the space:
(Click to Enlarge)

This board shows two different directions she could take the room. The upper right side is more of a modern, art deco feel. The bottom left is more of an airy, light look. The items down the middle are constants in the room- they go with both options.

1) Lighting. The room started with this chandelier. It's a rectangular capiz pendant from West Elm. If she's going to spring $$ for one thing in the room, it should be this. It will be the focal point of the entire room. If Cristina's not feeling the capiz, this is also a great option.

2) Art. This is a great piece for the lighter look- it just says "Airy & relaxed". It makes the room feel very welcoming. The other option adds a punch of color. I'd hang two, spaced about 6 in. apart. Cristina could always buy them.. or she could do what I'd do- DIY. I'd buy a stencil, some craft paints, and frames and do it myself. So Cristina- that's your challenge! ;)

3) Window treatments. I chose some sheer panels (cheap!) to mimic those in the artwork for the left-side option. However, if she decides to go the other way, these panels coordinate perfectly with the colors we've got going on in this room (and they're on clearance)! Since she has 2ft. between the top of the window and the ceiling, I'd hang them at least a foot above the window, and at least 6 in. wide on each side. Don't want to cover up that gorgeous window!

4) Rugs. The more natural, simple choice would be this ivory-edged rug. For some more color & coordination, I chose this one.

5) Accent pieces. Either of these vases would look great on Cristina's buffet either in a grouping or standing alone. One choice brings in the colors again, and the other adds a bit of silver sparkle.

6) Table Lamps. I LOVE a buffet with a lamp on it, so I picked out two different options. They're priced very well, but a girl after my own heart would of course go thrift one!! :) This one ties in the Chocolate brown in the rug & artwork, while this adds a touch of glam with glass.

7) Life! Plant life, that is! I'd love to see a pretty tree of Cristina's choice sitting in the corner to the left of her buffet. This will add a little color & height to that side of the room. I like to check local nurseries or Sam's Club for good deals on trees & Ikea is my go-to for planting pots. And, Cristina- if you say you're not a green thumb, just do some research to find a hard-to-kill kind. :)

8) These capiz table accents come in a bowl & chargers. How gorgeous would the chargers look on that dark wood table??

9) Wall accents. Either of these candle wall sconces would look great flanking each side of her artwork over the buffet. Whether or not to use them is going to have to be her call once she gets the other accents on the buffet worked out. Using the sconces might busy-up that area a little more than we'd want.

There you have it, girl!! Can't wait to see what you do with your room! It's a great space with tons of potential.

What do the rest of you think? Should Cristina go with a softer or bolder approach? Don't you love the dark furniture and the big window?


The DIY Show Off said...

Oooohhhhh! So pretty! Great job C! I can't wait to see what she chooses and does!


Sarah said...

Awesome!! Good finds for the DR...I'm partial to the lower left, the light and airier version, but either way, she can't go wrong and its nice that you gave her the options!! That capiz chandelier would be DRAMA!!!

Cristina said...

I love both options...this is fantastic! Thank you so much, I am going to show Mr. Paradise tonight and hope to go shopping this weekend! I am so excited to get it all done and show everyone.

Annie said...

love the board and all your ideas!