Sunday, August 23, 2009

DIY Framed Mirrors

Have you all been wondering what I did with my new toy?? Well, it's time to give you a look!

I wanted some small-ish mirrors with a chunky frame to go on either side of the new artwork in our master bedroom. But.. I didn't want to pay ~$20 each for them. So of course, I decided to do it myself!

Supplies needed:
  • Piece of wood in the size of your choosing
  • Plain craft mirror
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Sand paper
  • Paint (or stain)
  • Gorrilla Glue (or krazy glue, or hot glue)
  • Hanging apparatus (I used wire & a staple gun)
I used mirrors that were 4" square. Therefore, I wanted the inside of my frame to be 3 1/2" square, leaving 1/4" for the mirror to overlap on all sides. I measured 3 1/2" on one side of the wood, and then cut 45 degree angles on each side with the toy, like so:

I cut 8 pieces identically like this in order to make 2 mirrors.

Then I applied a strip of wood glue to each angle.

I firmly held each angle together for ~1 minute to let the glue get tacky & hold the pieces together.

After all sides are put together, let it dry for a few hours. You'll see that the joints aren't completely even & smooth:

I then sanded any uneven surface down a bit, and applied stainable wood filler with my finger. That's right, ladies! Just get messy!

After you've oh-so-patiently waited ~1/2 for the filler to dry, sand everything down so it's as smooth as a swimming cap. After blowing, brushing, or wiping all the dust off, prime & paint your frame(s).

Once they're all dry, flip 'em over & apply a thin line of gorilla glue along the inside edge. Lay the mirror down on top of it, making sure it's totally covering the hole. Then, lay a paper towel over that, and top with a stack of heavy books.

Wait for that to dry. Then you're ready to attach the hanging hardware. I decided to staple wire to the back like so:

After that.. hang it on the wall.. and pat yourself on the back! You just created your own mirrors for less than $5 each! And, they're real, hard wood. No flimsy, cheapy stuff here!

As always, the BEFORE:

And, the AFTER:

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Katie said...

I have the EXACT ones from ikea....

see my post on my bathroom remodel--see them here:

La Nouvelle Femme said...

That's impressive! I wish I had half your talent.

Embellished Bayou said...

Great project, thanks for the tutorial!

Kelee Katillac said...

Beautifully done!

Great demo!

love, kelee

stop by...

~Country Lady~ said...

Looking good! Thanks so much for the instructions.

Twice Remembered said...

VERY nice! You make it looks so easy! The mirrors look great!

Cheri Peoples said...

This is a perfect Knock Off
I have a new party (3 weeks old), the KNOCK OFF KNOCK OUT, and would love for you to come take a look and enter some projects.
Its So Very Cheri