Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DIY: Painted Antique Mirror & Basket Tray

Remember this photo?

Well, you've already seen the makeover for the little green shelf, so now it's time for the other two!

First off, the mirror was framed with a heavy metal. So, I spray primed it (important when working with surfaces other than wood) and painted it with Rustoleum's Heirloom White spray paint.

Then, to keep with the antique look of the piece, I distressed the scrolls and a bit around the frame.

And, here's the finish product:

Much better now- without the brassy look it had before!

The basket tray was pretty dirty when I got it, so I took the air compressor and blasted all that dust off in seconds! Then, after a quick once-over with a wet wipe, I spray painted it Heirloom White as well. Now, it sits on top of my nailhead trim bench at the end of our bed holding some of my fave magazines & catalogs.

Don't you love what a tiny bit of spray paint can do for something? These two items went from being eyesores to handy eye candy (catchy, right?).

As always, the BEFORE:

And, the AFTER:

UPDATE: the "Pretty Things" feature in the right sidebar has been updated! Check it out for some more great finds & eye candy!


Sarah said...

Awesome, once again! I hadn't seen that laundry shelf before, I love the metal punched letters!!! Man, you are really making me feel lazy;)

Jen said...

Nice work - I absolutely LOVE that mirror! And I'm glad to know that you can paint baskets... seems like I'm always coming across ugly ones... but the white paint makes it lovely!

mrso' said...

Looks great! Don't you just love heirloom white?!

Embellished Bayou said...

I am convinced that spray paint is God's gift to DIYers. Great job, that mirror looks fab!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi there C,
I haven't been by in a while and I am behind. Woo!
The mirror looks amazing!! Look how you can enjoy the detail now. Really pretty.
I'm off to check out the shelf and catch up.
I'm adding you to my google reader so I can keep up, btw.


The DIY Show Off said...

So cute! Great job as usual! :)


Katie said...

hey girl---
that mirror is so lovely and feminine! PS: Is spray painting wicker hard? Do you need to coat with something else first? I know you didn't mention it but I had read that somewhere. you really not like birds even as decor items b/c of your poop story?! How sad! I dislike real birds...although these vintage little pretties had me at hello...err..tweet.