Friday, August 28, 2009

DIY "Window" Mirror

How many of you all have an old vanity mirror kicking around? Many people get rid of builder-basic vanity mirrors all the time in lieu of a more custom look. Thus, there are plenty to be found in thrift stores or on the side of the road.

A few months ago Z & I hit the jackpot at a neighbors house. They own a construction company and were getting rid of tons of windows, doors, cabinet hardware, and furniture that they'd pulled out of different projects.

Amongst the other things we took home, we snagged this vanity mirror for $5:

After months of sitting in the garage, this girl got her chance to shine. Our apartment shares its inside wall with another unit, leaving our living room with only one window. So, I decided to use this mirror to create a faux window & open the room up a bit.

I bought some molding & used my toy to cut it into pieces for lattice (is that the right word??).

I then glued the pieces together to form 6 different sections.

Each joint got some wood filler

..And then got sanded down so it would fit inside the mirror frame perfectly.

The mirror then got taped off so both pieces could get a few coats of Blossom White spray paint.

Apparently I forgot to take photos of this part, but I glued the lattice (right word?) to the mirror by applying Gorilla Glue & stacking heavy books on top while it dried. I also screwed small sawtooth hooks into the mirror frame to hang it. Then, up on the wall it went!

Voila! I definitely like the illusion of extra space that mirrors create. Have any of you used mirrors as faux windows?


pk said...

Great makeover! In my old house I had an old window that I purchased at a flea market that I had made into a mirror. I loved it! When I moved I gave to my sister so it's still being used and enjoyed.

Sarah said...

Ooooh, that's perfect!!! Dang you and all your handy-girl toys - I'm so jealous!!! I once made a Christmas holiday decor thing out of an old window...I had it hanging up on the wall for our first ever holiday party and one of our guests took it home at the end of the night cause she loved it so much!! Now when she comes over everyone always asks her what else she is going to steal from off my wall:)

stephanie said...

love it. i never thought of creating my own "window" mirror. looks great.

Lucy Marie said...

It looks great. We live in a basement and our bedroom only has one small window (which looks out to the underside of our landlords deck) so I have one of these above our bed. It really opens up the space.

SnoWhite said...

awesome! thanks so much for the idea :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE this idea!! Mirrors are so expensive to buy too so this is a great affordable way to get one. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

What a great idea! I'd love to try this sometime. I'll keep my eye out at garage sales :-)

Leslie G said...

NICE!! I love the kind of DIY work that involves power tools/wood filler!

Embellished Bayou said...

What a great idea, you did a fabulous job!

Sherrie said...

This turned out wonderful! What a great idea!

Thank you for sharing your ideas.


The DIY Show Off said...

I love it. SO jealous of your handy-girl toys and your courage to go near it!

The lattice pieces are called "muntins" - don't ask how I know that. lol

Great job as usual! It's beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking for just this thing for our dining room. I found your blog by seeing the image on google. I really appreciate it and plan to try this project this weekend. Thank you.