Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Milk Glass Compotes Strike Again!

I wrote the following post on my personal blog a while ago (before I had this blog):

"Remember these little bowls?? I'm slightly more proud of them, now that I found out Cassandra from coco&kelly has the same ones!! She was guesting over here- can you spy my bowls' little twin??

Don't you just love when you pick something out, and later find out super stylish people loved it too?? Not bad for a goodwill find!!"

Well, the compote bowls strike again!! Today I saw that Sarah just picked up one as well!!

These bowls are famous! It's crazy- after buying mine I've seen at least 5 more in my local goodwill!!

How much do I love that I've found other bloggers with these babies?? Mucho!

I am SO curious about the history of these bowls. Who is the manufacturer? How old are they? Where were they sold??

Edit: Other ladies with this little gem: Mandy, Kristin, Summer(I sold her one on Ebay lol), Joi, and my giveaway winner, Kelly.


Lucy Marie said...

I'm going to start hunting for one of those bowls because I want to join your club!

Mandy said...

I have one that I got at Goodwill as well! :)

Annie said...

i want one ;)
those bowls are adorable!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

What I hate is that one of my readers mentioned there are different sizes of these that fit inside of each other -- and I saw a smaller one a couple months ago at Goodwill just like it!! I just wasn't quite as into them then, argh!

C said...

Sarah- I have two different sizes.. I wonder if there are more??

Hirondelle Rustique said...

Yay we're bowl twins!

My mom bought one a while ago and I loved it so much I decided to look for one too. I'm curious about their history as well.