Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Toy

Z and I went to an auction for a contractor this weekend, and I had one goal: get myself a pretty miter saw. Every handy-woman needs one, right?

Sidenote: I work for a contractor, and my boss confirmed my theory with his statement, "Everyone should have a miter saw" this morning. :)

Anyway, It was sitting in the corner of the shop looking all spiffy. See this is not just an ordinary miter saw. It has a laser line to make sure you get accurate cuts, AND and LCD display that tells you exactly what angle you're cutting at. That is pretty to me.

Sure, there were 2 other miter saws, but they were just.. normal. So, when the auctioneer made his way over to my little corner, guess what one my hubby went for? Yup, the green pretty one! Seriously people, there was something sexy about watching my blonde boy beat that other bidder out of this saw! *blush*

I have to check what these things retail for, but I'm pretty sure it's north of $300. We snagged ours for $115. Score.

So, have any of you checked out auctions as another means of thrifting? Anyone else the proud owner of a miter saw? What projects have you completed with yours? Any ideas what I have up my sleeve for this new toy?


Cristina said...

My dad is a carpenter so I grew up around these tools, it's funny how some people think women have no business using these tools...when most of the accidents that happen are with men who have no idea what they are doing! I can't wait to see what you make with this little beauty!

The DIY Show Off said...

That's so awesome! Power tools scare me though. lol

I love auctions. It's been a while since I've been to one but I'm hoping to hit one before the end of the summer! :)

Can't wait to see all of the cool things you do!

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

I love your new "toy",, i've never used one but i sure do want to try.. love your blog and all the projects you share.