Monday, August 17, 2009

Unexpected Details

There are lots of big changes coming up for Z & myself that will most likely result in a lot more on our to-do list, and a lot more pretty projects to show you all. However, I can't reveal what's going on yet, so you'll just have to bear with me. I will tell you though, that I'll be starting a certification program in interior design in a few months, and I'm SO excited. I plan on passing along plenty of design nuggets along the way. :)

I was away all weekend, so I don't have any juicy projects to show you this morning. Instead, I whipped open my inspiration folder and was looking through it when I came up with a fun post idea. A lot of the rooms I have saved have a fun, unexpected punch somewhere in the space. I think this makes design work original.. but let's see what you think.

One of my fave designers for something unexpected, but not over the top, is Amanda Nisbet.

How unexpected is that print on the back of the chair?? In my opinion, it adds a LOT to the room!

So this room is fun and contemporary (& props to her on mastering the pink-coral combination!).. but look around the corner of that chair...
And BAM! A tree! A lamp! Fabulous! Such a natural element for such a modern room.

Most vanities have a mirror.. but not this one! Oh no, this homeowner doesn't need one! They always look marvelous.. and in case they forget.. voila! A chalkboard reminds them!

This neutral, natural kitchen would've been beautiful with just the features already in the room: natural fabrics, distressed wood paneling, those great bar stools.. but Amanda took it a step further- a beautiful blue subway tile back splash! Love it!

Is is just me, or do the pops of red in this eat-in kitchen just MAKE the room? I think so. [Photo from Better Homes and Gardens]

What is expected about this dining nook?? A very fresh, vibrant palate done just right. [from BHG also]

This nursery is pretty modern. The painted squares are quite the eye-catcher.. But those layered geometric shapes hanging from the ceiling? That's the final blow. What baby wouldn't love to stare up at that ceiling for hours? [photo: BHG]

So, what do you think? Do the unexpected touches make you fall in love with a room? Or do they make you crinkle your nose up and say, "No thanks"?


Sarah said...

Hmmmm...what do you 2 have up your sleeve?! No fair making us wait!!! Congrats on the interior design certification program, that is awesome!!! Can't wait to hear more about that. Thanks for the inspiration pics...I am in love with that orange and green and yellow and white dining pretty!

Samantha said...

Just as an FYI- with the quicky "interior design" programs (ie not 4 year degree programs), you most likely will not be able to take the interior design licensing exam, which, depending on your state, is required in order to call yourself an interior designer.

Also, these programs are directed towards just the decorating, which is not actually interior design. True interior design is mostly codes, space planning and then a little bit of finishes and furniture.

I went to a 4 year interior design school (accredited program) and have been working for almost 2 years now within an architecture firm. In the spring I will be taking the licensing exam, and FINALLY be a true interior designer.

If you have any questions about the program or anything, feel free to get ahold of me and make sure to check out


C said...

Samantha- Thanks for the heads up. I've actually already researched all of this. My true love is more interior decorating, and not design. I do have a lot of respect for you ladies that do go the extra mile and get your design license. That program I'm planning on taking covers more decorating-related classes, as well as business ownership- which is exactly what I'm looking for!

Samantha said...

That sounds perfect for you then! Make sure you research any laws in your state so you don't get in trouble with the interior design vs decorating thing.

I need to find something to learn about the business side- working under people has not helped me develop those skills, which I def need in order to start my business..

C said...

Good call! I think you're safe as long and you identify yourself as a decorator, and not a designer.

Maybe you could take a couple biz management classes??

New England Girl said...

I like some elements of each of these rooms. As a trained and schooled architect, I often have debates with ID about what is and is not necessary... the conversations can be interesting! :) Some designers are blessed with an enviable eye and really throw in color, patterns, textures and shapes where they are needed, allowing the rooms to come together; I have not yet mastered anything close to that, so I have a hard time commenting. :) I do love some of these rooms, while others make me think "blah" or "NO WAY!" I do love the blue tiling in the kitchen, it really adds something special, as well as the red detailing in the kitchen below.

Thanks for sharing these, though! Sorry that was so long winded. :)

Congrats on heading into these new classes, too! How exciting for you. :)