Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty Places: Maine Mountains

A couple of weeks ago Z and I took a little day hike up a local mountain & got to see some gorgeous fall scenery. It was just past peak, so there were some trees that had already lost their leaves. Still, it was breathtaking. (Ignore the date stamp on these pictures.. I don't know what was going on.)

{bottom of the trail}

{along the easy part of the trail}

{a little steeper..}

{the top}

The funny thing about me posting these a couple weeks after they were taken is that we got 4.5 inches of snow the other night. And today.. it was all gone again. Oh, Maine.. how I love you..

Stay tuned for the snow-covered pictures!


New England Girl said...

Lovely photos! I love hikes later in the season. And I've always wanted to go some hiking in Maine, but have yet to be able to! I can live vicariously through you two. :)

Justine said...

Beautiful!!! I am so incredibly jealous!!

Haven and Home said...

Oh you are so lucky to live close by to such a beautiful hike!