Monday, November 2, 2009

Antiqued Faceted Mirrors

I was wandering through our local surplus store a little while ago and fell in love. I seriously love this store for all the amazing stuff I find there. It gets in overstock from manufacturers all over, including name brand designers. So, when I saw these gorgeous mirrors, I snatched up four for myself and a few for my mom as well (because, come on.. I'm living in her basement apartment, and I wasn't going to wait til our house is built before I hung them on a wall somewhere).

They're a verrryy dark wood frame with gold leaf edges, and the outer mirror sections have an aged look.

They fit perfectly on a small strip of wall between my parents' entry way and great room.

Stay tuned.. I've done a wee bit more shopping than I probably should have since moving up here & I can't wait to share some of my finds! :)


Mrs. Foot said...

I have been searching for those mirrors for months and months. Were there more? Can I buy them online? :)

C @ Project Pretty said...

I'm sorry, I actually bought out all they had left. I believe they originally came from Old Time Pottery, so you wouldn't be able to find them online. Good luck in your search though!

pk said...

Love these and where you put them!

pk @ Room Remix

Krista said...

those look great!

And I must say, I think they have a practical purpose as well--keeping people from running directly into that wall...bring back any memories? :o)