Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DIY Tufted Cube Ottoman w/ Nailhead Trim

Okay my dears, this latest project has seriously been a labor of love (can you tell.. it's been forever since I've posted- I've been stuck working on this thing)! But.. SO worth it in the end. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

Once upon a time, a crazy little blonde got an idea....

Oh, you've heard this story before?? Well, that's how they all start.

An idea.
Me Raving about idea to hubby.
Daydreaming about said idea.
Concocting a pretty little plan.
Getting "stuff" to make idea work.
Spending insane amounts of time with my other boyfriends (the power tools & paint, of course!).
Putting pretty little plan into action.
Doing happy dance at idea's completion.
Showing the loveliness to hubby.
Posting about the loveliness here.

Now you know. :)

So the idea this time was to create my own upholstered cube ottomans. Here's how I did it.

First, I drew a sketch of what I wanted to create & wrote down all the measurements. Then hubby and I cut all the lumber for both ottomans. We used 2x4's for the inner supports/legs, and a good quality plywood for the sides and top.

When putting everything together Z used a small drill bit to pre-drill all the holes (to prevent splitting) and a larger bit to countersink the screws (drilling out a place for the screw head to go down into the wood so that it doesn't stick out above the surface).

This is what it looked like from the inside before we screwed the top piece of plywood on.

In preparation for the tufting, I made fabric-covered buttons with these awesome kits.

Then (after measuring carefully) I drilled holes in the top of the frame to string the buttons through.

I forgot to get a picture of just the foam, but I used a 2 inch thick, high density upholstery foam that I got for $1.99 each at our local surplus store. On top of that, I layered two pieces of quilt batting and finally, my fabric (which is Onasburg Natural, by the way).

I slowly began stapling it all down, doing a double under-tuck on the corners...

Followed by the bottom layer of batting..

To add my bottom layer of fabric, I stapled it on upside down so that when I folded it back down the staples wouldn't show.

After it was folded down, I used hot glue to secure the ends together, like so:

Then I folded the bottom ends of the fabric under and stapled them to the bottom of the frame.

To finish of the upper trim, I added nailhead trim for a polished look. For some reason the cat didn't want to stay still for this picture.. :)

The final touch was adding the tufting. Ideally, you'd use an upholstery needle to do this, but I improvised and used an embroidery one because that all I found sitting around. I poked the needle through the foam from the inside hole in the plywood to get an idea where my button would be. Then I threaded the needle back through from the outside and secured my fabric-covered button with another button on the inside.

And.. voila! Tufting!!

Then, do it all again, and you've got twins!

Here they are camping out in my parents' living room

I Just love them! I think I figured they cost me less than $10 each to make. But, I had the lumber and the nailhead trim left over from other projects. Even if you had to buy everything yourself, they're still a heck of a deal!


Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Those are fantastic! I've been thinking about doing something like this as a comfy footrest for when I'm parked on the couch! Thanks for doing it first and posting steps so that I can copy you! :) PS Glad you're back! :)

S. said...

you are always amazing me with how talented you are. they look great!

Nori said...

wow! those are WAY pretty!!! awesome tutorial!

pk said...

AMAZING! I can't believe you made those from scratch (I mean, I believe you, but you know what I mean!) :0) They turned out great.

pk @ Room Remix

Lucy Marie said...

You constantly amaze me.

Lorie said...

It turned out great!!

Anonymous said...

This looks great! I have a question. how are you getting the nailhead trim to stay in all the padding? i just did a headboard and they will not stay in with 2 inch padding and the fabric. Any feedback would be great! thanks,