Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun Stuff Coming

I have three superly fantastically exciting projects I'm waiting to share with you at the moment. I can barely contain the enthusumasm. But... one thing or another is holding up the unveiling of said projects. I know, no fun for you. And you all really do deserve fun. Lots of fun. Because really, you not only put up with me, but you keep coming back for more. It astounds me, actually. So, I promise, you'll get your project-deprived eyes on them soon. Like, this week for sure. In the mean time, how about a little eye candy??

{loving this photo at the moment.. a wee bit too country for me personally, but with a few tweaks, I think I'd love it all in my own home.}

{looovee this headborad. *this is also a little hint about something I'm working on*}

Hope your week is going well so far!!


Christine said...

I love that headboard as well!

pk said...

Hmmmm... you've gotten my curiosity up! Can't wait to see the finished projects! These inspiration photos are great too...

pk @ Room Remix

Lorie said...

Oh! That headboard is gorgeous@

Love your blog, adding it to my Reader.