Thursday, November 26, 2009

Put Some Logs On the Fire..

.. or some fire on the logs, in this case! One night I was out in my parents' garage looking at their giant pile of firewood and inspiration struck. Most of the logs were split perfectly down the middle. So, I climbed around the pile til I found one with just the right amount of bark, and not a lot of dirt.

I figured that it wouldn't be too tough to make a candle holder.. and it turned out, I was right. All it took was a drill and some fun-looking drill bits. We started with the cone shaped one, then the 3/4 in. one, then the 7/8 in. one.

We made holes just the right side for a chunky tapered candle to fit into.

I scattered them back and forth along the length of the log.

If I were going to be using this on any scratch-able surface, I would have hot-glued felt onto the bottom. However, the fireplace I put it in is brick.. Not to much scratching going on there.

Here it is, all warm and fuzzy. Ten bazillion bonus points to the person who can find the elusive jolly rancher in this picture.

Right now it's working well with the harvest/fall decor.. however, I have plans for this little guy as we start whipping out the Christmas decor. (Yes, I'm okay with doing that now. Thanksgiving is over. lol)


A said...

jolly the right of the flowers??

LOVE this!! i don't have a fireplace but i'm brainstorming other places we could use it :)

New England Girl said...

Clever! And oh so cute. :) It looks so nice where you have it placed. It will be interesting to see what you have in mind for Christmas. :)

Katie said...

very CUTE!

Lo said...

That is a great idea! It looks pretty easy to do.