Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Goodies

Santa was good to me this year! As you all know, I've been searching for the perfect pair of glass candlesticks for a while now. Well, I found them (thank you Z Gallerie!). And lucky for me, my mom picked me up a pair for Christmas. Aren't they gorgeous??

Ah! Love them! I tried to order another set yesterday, but they're out of stock until March. Boo!

I also received another little gem that I've had my eye on for a while- "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson. This book is both a literary and an interior design legend, and I am SO stoked to have my own copy!

You can even see the previous owner's name in the front. The book was published in 1940, so I imagine the name tag is from the same general time period.

The pages have a beautiful aged look (and not a faux-aged look- this book is almost 70 years old!).

Mucho thanks to my parents & sister-in-law for these gifts! I love them!

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pk @ Room Remix said...

You lucky girl! The candlesticks are so pretty, and the book is awesome. Glad you had a good Christmas.