Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Design Crush: Kishani Perera

I can't remember how I came across designer Kishani Perera.. but I'm SO glad I did! She builds rooms that I naturally fall in love with.. but also makes things work that I never would have tried.

For example, this bedroom looks EXACTLY like something I'd dream up.. except for the purple walls. From the crisp white decor, to the dreamy bed and chandelier- definitely me. I'd just never have dared to do the purple walls. It's not a color I use a lot, boy, do I love it here!

I absolutely love this next room. What I love about it is the mix of modern and traditional- a lucite coffee table with ornate moldings and fireplace. The Zebra print rug with a velvet couch. Just magic.

This bedroom is a plain skeleton with white walls and no molding, but Kishani's touches make it fire! Take a hint, apartment dwellers!! How unexpected is that nightstand??

And, of course I have to compliment her taste in fabrics! Wreastler & Schumacher, I believe..

A few of my other favorites:

Oh nevermind.. I love them all. MAJOR design crush going on here..

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