Thursday, December 3, 2009

DIY Sunburst Mirror

So remember when I said a had a couple saa-weet projects brewing?? This is number two. I've long been a fan of sunburst mirrors. They're seriously all over the design world the last few years. But.. they usually come with a price tag upwards of $300. So what do I do? DO IT MYSELF, Darnit! :) And it was actually pretty easy.

It started with this:

Which turned into this:

Combined those with a simple mirror left over from our wedding:

A little bit of planning:

A little sanding..

Slap on some yummy dark stain:

Cut out cardboard a wee bit smaller than the mirror

Attach it to the BACK side of the wood pieces (oh, liquid nails, how I love you..).

Flip it over, and use liquid nails to attach the mirror to the TOP side.

Add another layer of wood pieces, attaching with liquid nails, and overlapping the mirror by about 1/2".

A bit of a creative hanging apparatus: jumbo size paint stirrers cut into small pieces, liquid nailed to several pieces of the wood, anchored with short little screws. Two holes drilled & thin wire weaved through.

And, that's all folks!

Love! Oh yeah.. I didn't spend a dime. I had all this stuff just laying around.


The First-Year Wife said...

I absolutely CANNOT believe you made that!! That's gorgeous! I can't even imagine how much that would cost in a store. Wow, I need to hire you to make me one of those! ;)

Christine said...

wow that is really amazing! You should make a few more i'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to want to buy it! As long as you don't put the $300 price tag on it ;)

Katie said...

you are SO super TALENTED lady...

Kishah said...

Wow! This is amazing! I want to make one for my parent's anniversary in a couple weeks. I might reblog that And of course, give you credit! I love it, it's amazing!

Amy Lynn said...

That came out AMAZING!!!

The Writer Chic said...

That's really, really impressive. I love it.

Jessica said...

That is sooo pretty! Now make me one! Pretty please?? :D

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet you & your blog & what a cool project. Hope you'll come back to visit again soon.


Lauren said...

Hi! Just saw a link from Tart House ~ this is definitely a side project I plan to try, thanks for the how-to!

Jolene said...

This is gorgeous!! I love it and want to try it soon! I posted about it on my blog. Thanks for the tutorial!!