Monday, December 28, 2009

No One Mentioned This..

Okay designers and decorators reading this blog.. no one told me I'd have to learn how to paint in this process. I open up my first package of supplies and workbooks for my interior design courses, and what do I find???

Uhmmmm... There's an awful lot I do with my hands.. but painting isn't one of them. Dear Lord, I'm gonna need some help with this one!!


The First-Year Wife said...

Yikes! Maybe you'll get to do something really cool with it!

mrso' said...

Haha... I know! I have a "color" class in the spring

Heidi said...

I had the same feelings in school about sketching! But the best part is you can still be an amazing designer without being the best renderer or painter!!! It's divine, however years after college I had all these acrylic paints left over so I bought some canvas and started doodling and teaching myself and guess what? I love painting, its so theraputic, and my skills are improving. Good luck!! I posted about a few paintings I made a few days a go, feel free to check them out on my blog.