Monday, December 21, 2009

Simple Stocking Stuffer

One of the holiday traditions at work is buying a small stocking stuffer for everyone in the office for under $1 each. So it could either mean it's time to get creative, or do the predictable. The predictable, I was told, is candy. So.. I tried to think of something a little more personal. I came up with personalized frosted votives. Here's how they turned out (I had the hardest time getting the lettering to show up in photos):

All it took was some party votives, painters tape, and scrapbooking sticker letters. I taped off a border on the top and bottom put my co-workers' initials in the middle with the stickers, and sprayed on frosting spray paint. Pulling the tape/stickers off as soon as the frosting starts to dry helps ensure that you'll get clean lines.
This stocking stuffer worked well because I work with a little over a dozen women, and one male physician. So... the ladies all got the votives, and he got Ferrero Rocher. :)