Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Deals in the World.... Market

From time to time I browse through World Market's website. Today I figured I'd bring you all some of the best deals I found. You can browse through, pick your fave, and hurt the others' feelings. It'll be like junior high all over again. Sound fun? K thought so.

First up we have this lovely glass lamp. Let's call her the cheer captain. You know how I love glass lamps.. (so much I DIY'd my own).. and this one gets my stamp of approval. For $55.99, she's pretty easy on the wallet compared to say.. the Pottery Barn version. So it's like the easy cheer captian vs. the hard-to-get valedictorian. Yeah, you'll probably go with the cheerleader.

Next we have the Clover Mirror, aka the art student. She's the one who everyone tries to compete with, but they all fall short. One stroke of her $39.99 paintbrush, and the teacher forgets about the giant mural the other kid made.

Our third contender is this bright 3'x5' jute boucle rug. He's the skater boy- colorful, tough on the inside, and all about high traffic. He might sound like a wanna-be with that$12.99 tag he's sporting, but he'll outlast the other guys any day!

These Leather Cubes come in at the stunning price of $29.99. Let's call them the travel team. Their shiny jerseys, multiple talents, and eye-catching shape have all the ladies swooning. And for that price, there's plenty of room inside each macho-man for allll the girls. [In no way was that intended to sound... eh, inappropriate. oops]

So, which little number stole your heart.. or your wallet?? ;)

[My apologies if this post conjured up any old feelings of resentment or jealousy from your teen years.]

Friday, August 28, 2009

DIY "Window" Mirror

How many of you all have an old vanity mirror kicking around? Many people get rid of builder-basic vanity mirrors all the time in lieu of a more custom look. Thus, there are plenty to be found in thrift stores or on the side of the road.

A few months ago Z & I hit the jackpot at a neighbors house. They own a construction company and were getting rid of tons of windows, doors, cabinet hardware, and furniture that they'd pulled out of different projects.

Amongst the other things we took home, we snagged this vanity mirror for $5:

After months of sitting in the garage, this girl got her chance to shine. Our apartment shares its inside wall with another unit, leaving our living room with only one window. So, I decided to use this mirror to create a faux window & open the room up a bit.

I bought some molding & used my toy to cut it into pieces for lattice (is that the right word??).

I then glued the pieces together to form 6 different sections.

Each joint got some wood filler

..And then got sanded down so it would fit inside the mirror frame perfectly.

The mirror then got taped off so both pieces could get a few coats of Blossom White spray paint.

Apparently I forgot to take photos of this part, but I glued the lattice (right word?) to the mirror by applying Gorilla Glue & stacking heavy books on top while it dried. I also screwed small sawtooth hooks into the mirror frame to hang it. Then, up on the wall it went!

Voila! I definitely like the illusion of extra space that mirrors create. Have any of you used mirrors as faux windows?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Compote Bowl Giveaway Winner

Good morning everyone (or whenever you happen to be reading this)! The giveaway for the compote bowl is now closed, and we have a winner!! picked entry #8- Kelly (with a 'Y').

Congrats, girl! You now have unlimited bragging rights and the right to do your happy dance! :) Oh, and you're officially inducted into the "You're cool because you have one of these" club. If that doesn't make your day, I don't know what would! ;) Anyway, email me at cprojectpretty [at] with your name and address, and I'll get this item shipped out to you!

As for the rest of you, I LOVED hearing all your creative ideas of what you'd do with the bowl. I may or may not have used this giveaway to get ideas of what to do with my own... *snicker*. :)

Oh, and if you didn't win, the bigger version is listed on ebay for 99 cents plus what it would cost me to ship it! So.. there's still a chance for one more of you to join the club! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I always turn to Cote De Texas for some of the best design talk around. And this morning.. I feel in love with all things Belgian. Doesn't she do a knock out job of pinpointing just what is Belgian design? I love "dragged inside from the outside" mixed with glam.. so this is just the perfect thing.

Restoration Hardware, I won't be shelling out the huge amounts you want for this line.. but I will unashamedly use you for inspiration.

Thanks RH & Joni. ;)


PS- The giveaway ends tonight- enter soon!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

DIY Beachy Bathroom Art

My miter saw's been seeing a lot of action in the garage lately. While I wouldn't have had to use a miter saw for my latest project, it's just way to tempting to resist. So sorry table saw, chop saw, and jig saw. You all are a feisty bunch.. but your shinier sibling won out on this one.

I've been wanting some medium-scale, natural, beachy-chic artwork for my bathroom lately. I don't really know how these things happen.. but an idea popped into my head.

I wanted my backdrop to look a bit like worn wood paneling, so I started out with two pieces of rough-cut 1 1/2" wood. I then cut it into as many sections as I could get out of the two pieces. Each piece either 14 inches, a little less, or a little more. This way, none of the pieces were exactly the same.

Once I'd laid them all out the way I wanted them, I glued them all together.

See how they're all jagged and raw? Loove it.

Then, to secure everything and give me a place to mount hanging hardware on the back, I glued down two strips of 3/4" screen molding.

The whole shebang got a couple coats of white spray paint. I used Rustoleum's Blossom White. Once dry, I took one of Z's wire brushes to it. I had to stop myself from getting carried away.. distressing is so fun..

Then I sketched the word "Relax" on in pencil. Can you see it??

To embellish, I used some 4-ply jute, hot glue, and faux starfish (which I grabbed at the Christmas Tree Shop - 6 for $1.99).

I glued the jute over my sketch in small sections, and trimmed off the ends, leaving a half inch to fly free.

After slapping a couple star fish on the corners, all that was left was getting it hung. I used two small sawtooth hooks, mounted onto the screen molding.

By the way, have you all seen these things yet?!?

I tell ya, they're sheetrock's best friend. No more using giant anchors and leaving nasty holes in your wall! The hole's the size of an itty bitty nail, and holds the weight that a screw & anchor would. Anyway.. here's the finished product:

Total cost? Roughly four bucks. And I'm totally okay with that. :)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Join The Club!

Remember these??

Well, I found 3 more while thrifting this weekend!!

And.. I thought I'd share them with you ladies {or any men who might read this blog :)}. I found a bigger, more bowl-like version that I've added to my collection.

I found another larger compote bowl that I've listed on ebay.

And.. I found another smaller compote bowl (5 1/2" in diameter) that I'm giving away!!

One lucky reader will receive this little baby on their doorstep and be inducted into the "You're Awesome Because You Have One Of These Club".

Just leave a comment with what you'd do with it, and you'll be entered to win!

And, if you don't win, you can always bid on the one on Ebay. The listing ends in 5 days.

This giveaway will end Wednesday, August 26th, at 7pm EST. Spread the word, and thanks for being Project Pretty readers! :)

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DIY Framed Mirrors

Have you all been wondering what I did with my new toy?? Well, it's time to give you a look!

I wanted some small-ish mirrors with a chunky frame to go on either side of the new artwork in our master bedroom. But.. I didn't want to pay ~$20 each for them. So of course, I decided to do it myself!

Supplies needed:
  • Piece of wood in the size of your choosing
  • Plain craft mirror
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Sand paper
  • Paint (or stain)
  • Gorrilla Glue (or krazy glue, or hot glue)
  • Hanging apparatus (I used wire & a staple gun)
I used mirrors that were 4" square. Therefore, I wanted the inside of my frame to be 3 1/2" square, leaving 1/4" for the mirror to overlap on all sides. I measured 3 1/2" on one side of the wood, and then cut 45 degree angles on each side with the toy, like so:

I cut 8 pieces identically like this in order to make 2 mirrors.

Then I applied a strip of wood glue to each angle.

I firmly held each angle together for ~1 minute to let the glue get tacky & hold the pieces together.

After all sides are put together, let it dry for a few hours. You'll see that the joints aren't completely even & smooth:

I then sanded any uneven surface down a bit, and applied stainable wood filler with my finger. That's right, ladies! Just get messy!

After you've oh-so-patiently waited ~1/2 for the filler to dry, sand everything down so it's as smooth as a swimming cap. After blowing, brushing, or wiping all the dust off, prime & paint your frame(s).

Once they're all dry, flip 'em over & apply a thin line of gorilla glue along the inside edge. Lay the mirror down on top of it, making sure it's totally covering the hole. Then, lay a paper towel over that, and top with a stack of heavy books.

Wait for that to dry. Then you're ready to attach the hanging hardware. I decided to staple wire to the back like so:

After that.. hang it on the wall.. and pat yourself on the back! You just created your own mirrors for less than $5 each! And, they're real, hard wood. No flimsy, cheapy stuff here!

As always, the BEFORE:

And, the AFTER:

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Life has been non.stop. lately. I'm currently sick with a cold (yes, in summer- how ridiculous!) and haven't even had time to rest & recover. Because of this, I haven't had time to put my usual amount of effort into certain projects.. leaving many half-done.

However, the next couple nights should be pretty laid back and I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done. For reasons that I can't reveal yet, I won't be able to finish the rooms in our apartment. So.. over the next week or so, I'm going to give you a tour of our place in it's current condition. Some stuff looks great, some needs work, but you'll see it all nonetheless. First up will be our bedroom.

A lot of people ask where to start when decorating a room. My fave thing to do is to collect as many drool-worthy inspiration pix as I can. Then I look over all the pictures I have collected and find the common themes. Is it a color? A style? The furniture?

For me it was how the rooms made me feel (surprise, surprise)- calm, serene, relaxed. The common colors were cream, light dusty blue, and a fab greige. A bit time worn, and a bit glam. So that's what I went with!

Here's a few of the photos that inspired me when deciding what I wanted our bedroom to look like. [Can you tell I was channeling myself a little Pheobe Howard on this one??]

Pheobe Howard

Atlanta Real Estate Lising, via Things Inspired


Coastal Living

Source Unknown [I think it was BHG??]

Pheobe Howard- from one of her store showrooms

Pheobe Howard

Vincente Wolf

Found via Things Inspired- original source unknown

Pheobe Howard Showroom