Monday, January 4, 2010

Appliances: Weigh In

Appliances are something I won't even be buying any time soon (I'm thinking pouring the foundation should come first maybe??). But, that doesn't mean I haven't been looking! I've already decided on one thing- the layout. It needs to look like this:

I just love the 2-door fridge w/ freezer on bottom functionality. Genius. Then, there's the question of finish.



Stainless Steel?

Orrr.... stainless - look??

Personally, I LOVE the look of stainless steel. The only thing that was really holding me up though was how bad they show finger prints. And then I found it. The perfect, beautiful finish was staring me in the face at Lowe's. Stainless Look, people! Looks like it, but you don't see fingerprints nearly as much! *Swoon!*

So.. before I go ga-ga over stainless-look appliances.. do any of you own them? How have they worked out for you? Anyone reaaalllly love their black or white appliances and want to try and sway me?? Go ahead, tempt me! I'd love to hear all of your feedback on your appliances!


Kelly said...

I would say that before you go crazy with stainless, seriously consider the faux stainless--it doesn't show fingerprints as much and it still holds magnets (as far as I know), which stainless doesn't. I love our stainless fridge, but I hate that I only have about two square feet that can be used with magnets (on the sides).

Alisha said...

Brushed stainless steel hides fingerprints. I love the french door one with the freezer on the bottom too.
Keep us posted.

Living With Lindsay said...

We have the faux stainless and I really love it. It doesn't show fingerprints, unless my husband opens the door with peanut butter on his hands...which happens more than I'd like to admit.

Mrs. B said...

We have a stainless fridge, french door, freezer on bottom. I love everything except for the whole "stainless" part. It gets water on it? spots. Close the door without touching the handle? fingerprints.

So if you want stainless - go faux stainless. Otherwise, go black.

And consider the amount of space the in-door water/ice dispenser takes up inside of your fridge (you lose some valuable shelf space + your ice might stick together a little because your fridge isn't as cold as your freezer). Just a thought. :)

SarahB said...

We built our house up here a couple years ago (Good luck! It's a lot of fun -- especially when you're all done!) And we ended up going with stainless dishwasher & stove & microwave & then, faux on the frig. They don't look really mismatched; I can go magnet crazy and it is MUCH easier to keep clean. (But Pledge does work good on cleaning the real SS).

New England Girl said...

I won't be buying appliances anytime soon, but I LOVE searching for them. :) I troll around at Home Depot and Best Buy all the time for appliances. I am such a nerd. :)

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

We had an LG in that style in the faux stainless and it was amazing. In fact, I'm counting down the days until our current fridge breaks so I have an excuse to buy the LG again!

Also, when you do go to buy appliances - bargain, bargain, bargain! If you're buying an entire house worth of appliances, they'll likely help you out. I managed to get $2k off of an entire house of appliances + free delivery and installation. It rocked.

Anonymous said...

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Lorie said...

I wish the fridge I just purchased came in the stainless look. The finger prints on my new SS are a little annoying. But I wipe it down with a damp cloth every day and it isn't bad.

As for the two door. We really debated getting one, but ended up with the one door (freezer on the bottom) and I LOVE it! The only person I know that has the dual door says they end up opening both doors to look in all the time anyways, so it really didn't help anything.

And the single door LG was about 1000 cheaper that the double doors.