Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Hey guys.. sorry I've been MIA this week. I've the week from you-know-where at work, and I had a late night/early morning bout with a stomach bug (or just because I had to double up on birth control pills because I missed one..). Either way, I'm beat. I'm so glad it's friday! I'm really hoping to have some time to relax this weekend, and catch up on reading your blogs as well as updating this one. We're doing some exciting renovations at my parents' house, and I can't wait to share! Until then, I'll leave you with this pretty picture I found this morning, courtesy of Bryn. :) (this is also my attempt to convince my mom that natural weave shades like bamboo are gorgeous!)

Photo from Megan McClure Interiors

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Haven and Home said...

I love natural shades, they look so good!