Monday, February 15, 2010

Do You Duvet?

Up until recently, I'd never used a duvet cover. I'd shyed away from them simply because of the unknown. The only problem was.. I found myself wanting to switch up my bedding all.the.time. It's the nature of a designer that's taken over me- I'm always coming up with different ideas, and always changing things. Replacing our comforter or quilt every few months was not only getting expensive, I was running out of space to store big fluffy extra comforters. So.. I ordered a duvet. The first one I got was white cotton hotel-style with a geometric pattern that outlined the top of the bed. I wasn't a fan, and after a couple days, I sent it back. I was a little jaded by the experience, but decided to give duvets another go 'round anyway. I ordered this:

It's a yummy ikat pattern from Pottery Barn. We've had it for a few weeks now, and I LOVE it. The material is heavier- almost like canvas (I'll have to check to see exactly what it is..). I haven't had a single issue with it getting bunched up inside or shifting too much during the night. Definitely a keeper.

I think I'm pretty much a duvet convert. It's so much cheaper, and makes me feel much less guilty for changing things so often. I just picked up another duvet cover & matching shams that I'm using more or less as a coverlet draped across the end of the bed, and adding a little color behind my other pillows. Pictures soon, I promise.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was really to get your opinion on the whole thing. What is your bedding preference? Duvets? Comforters? Quilts? Coverlets? A combo of more than one? If you have duvets, what are your tips for keeping them in place? Do you put a down comforter inside or just one you already had sitting around? Please share!


MommaAmma said...

I use duvets but I'm not a fan. I've perfected the "move it back in place shake" move. I'd love to hear tips on keeping it in place!

I also use a coverlet on top of the duvet because the material is usually so much more luxe but I take it off at night because that fabric makes it slip off the bed.

I'll find bedding perfection some day...

Leslie G said...

We have a duvet cover- I really love it! It used to get bunched up which really drove me nuts, so I started safety pinning the four corners of the down to the four corners of the duvet. Works like a charm!

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

I love our down comforter + duvet cover combo! It's so warm and I can wash the cover once/week or so - a definite bonus since my husband has horrible dust mite allergies and keeping the bedding washed once/week makes it better.

To keep the duvet cover in place, you can buy padded clips that clip to each corner of the comforter to keep it from sliding around! I think mine are from Bed Bath and Beyond, and I only spent maybe a few $$ on them.

Embellished Bayou said...

We started using a duvet cover + down comforter about six years ago and will never go back to a regular comfortor again! I love it because it's much easier to wash & it's so soft.

I've never really had a problem with the comforter slipping around inside the duvet. An easy way to put it on is to turn the duvet inside out, put your hands inside at the bottom corners, then grab the bottom corners of your comforter and flip the duvet over the comforter. Hard to explain, but it works!

Jenna said...

Hello, I'm new to your site an love it! I've used a duvet cover before, drove me crazy, so I have a quick fix. I don't buy them from pricy stores, instead I go to fabric stores and create my own duvet. (Usually I find some great deals on the clearance rack!) The last one I made was a whole $10 to cover a twin bed :)

I usually sew buttons down the middle, spaced about a foot apart and that seems to help a lot since I sew right through to the other side. I also sew in the corners, not to heavy of course so I dont ruin the blanket underneath, but just enough to keep it in place and cut out easy for washing and what not. Hope that helps!

Joi said...

I ♥ duvets! We don't have one right now, but when we use one I put a queen sized down comforter in them. I don't have any tricks to keep them straight other than fluffing them a bit by me holding on to one end and my husband holding on to the other. If that makes any sense!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

We use a down duvet and covers at our house. I stopped using sheets and blankets over 10 years ago!

In regards to them slipping around I have a few possible solutions:

First, buy a duvet cover that properly fits your duvet. The better they match in size, the less of a chance the duvet will move around.

Any good quality duvet should have loops on the corners, and duvet covers should have ties on the inside corners. (you've probably just never noticed them...) Their purpose? Tie the strings around the loop at each corner to securely keep your duvet in place.

If your duvet does not already come with some sort of closure at the opening (mine have zippers), it's easy enough to add one on your own, whether that's a zipper, snaps or velcro!!

Hope that helps!