Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got the Blues?

Was I the only one in love with the rooms in the March 2010 issue of House Beautiful? The entire issue was dedicated to the color blue. I'm a big blue advocate myself, so the whole thing was just heaven. My favorite just might have been this beach house designed by Kim Coleman & Michelle Green. Feast your eyes:
{all photography by James Merrell}

This space is rather obviously nautical, but it's not your typical "froofy" (is that a real word?) seashells and rope beachy room. How amazing is that print on the wall??

I literally gasped the first time I saw this room. LOVE! So light, crisp, clean, but warm & welcoming. I think being in this room would keep me in a good mood no matter what... I think. ;) My favorite elements would have to be the wall color, that amazing coffee table, and the stunning chair in the bottom right corner. I'm dying to see the entire room, and not just this one shot.

Would you LOOK at that SINK?? Really, who wouldn't love to wash their hands in a giant seashell? I also love it paired with the mirrored vanity. The glamour of the vanity tones down the beachy-ness of the rest of the room.

I love this room for two reasons: that amazing chandelier and the high dossage of pattern mixing. I get a little obsessed with patterned fabric, and love when it all plays nice with each other. This room does just that. Zebra? check. Chevron? check. Funky lamp? check.

Again, beachy and glamorous. The perfect mix.

This room has a bit of a Pheobe Howard aesthetic to me. Beautiful in soft blues & tans.
Obviously, the orange stools are what pops out to the eye, but check out that mirror and chandelier! Absolutely gorgeous. The sconces & plant in the center also give the vignette a very outdoorsy feel. Perfect for a beach house.

The clock and console table don't look especially large-scale til you realize how little those chairs look in comparison.

I'm not personally a fan of lavender, but this room's pretty well done nonetheless.

Again with the pattern mixing.. it just.. works.

I had to save this photo for last. I.LOVE.IT. I won't get into all the details on what I love about this bedroom- I'll let the room speak for itself. Stunning. Simply stunning.

See more details on this home here.

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