Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Headboard: Your Questions Ansered

First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments on the headboard! I'm just overjoyed that some of you might replicate it in your own home. Definitely send me pix if you do! There were a few questions that I wanted to answer in a post of their own, so here it goes:

Cost? Total was about $75
Breakdown: ~$15 plywood, $30 foam, $12 fabric, ~$16 button kits, ~$6 batting, $2 2x4
I already had some of the foam, the staples/staple gun, spray adhesive, and the 2x8, so I didn't count those costs.

How exactly did the tufting work? I'll try to explain again the best I can.
1) I took an upholstery needle & threaded it with wire.
2) I pushed the needle from the back of the headboard out through the front.
3) I pulled one end of the wire out through the front.
4) I threaded that end of the wire through the loop on the back of the button.
5) I wound the thread very tightly around the loop twice & then around itself.
6) I then pulled the wire in the back & had someone push on the button in the front to get it tufted very tightly.
7) I stapled the wire in the back down tightly and pounded the staples in with a hammer to make sure the wire would stay.

Steps 1-6 are shown in my cheesy little paint instructions below. :) Hopefully that helps!

Fabric on the throw pillow? All I can tell you for sure is that I got it at JoAnn Fabrics in the home decor section. I have searched the web for a link or the mill or the fabric name, and I just can't find it. It's driving me nuts, but it doesn't seem to want to be found. If anyone happens to find it, please let me know!

Since I couldn't find you the link to that fabric, I have a post coming up with some fun fabrics I've found that you might just love too.

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