Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Link Love: Blogs

I've had several readers ask where I go for inspiration. While that is an entire post in itself, I do find boatloads of inspiration from other blogs. So, today I'd like to feature a few of my faves.

Daily Reads

High-Heeled Foot in the Door- Camilla is a fairly new designer with a knack for finding unique products. I'm super jealous of the access she has to amazing sources, living just outside of NYC & all. Her guestroom is just beautiful- seriously, go check it out!

I've followed Bryn's journey into the design world for quite some time now, and to say I'm excited for her is an understatement. She has some SERIOUS talent, people. Just wait- big things coming from her for sure.

Seleta is one of my mom-role models. She seems to balance being an amazing mom with design work & staying ridiculously stylish perfectly.

I just LOVE Jenny's work.

Sarah is an old friend from thenest.com Decorating & Renovating discussion boards. She's such a beautiful person inside and out, and that is reflected both in her home and her paper goods work.

Caitlyn is a breath of fun, preppy design air. I love seeing her colorful, punchy designs!

New Friends

Janell is just the sweetest person ever & again.. She does gorgeous work- not just for other people, but in her own home. So glad to have found her blog!

Maureen has a great little shop filled with unique treasures, the Inglenook Decor. We have a very similar sense of style & I just love seeing what she's up to. Oh, and I might have to hire her to help me with this whole drawing/rendering side of design. She rocks, and well.. I need help. :)

Marianne isn't exactly a new friend, I've been following her blog for a while. In fact, she guest posted here a while back. What I love most about her is her boldness in her faith. I was so so happy to have found another design gal with a close relationship with our Father. She's always an inspiration, whether it be through her design work, or through her lessons in faith that she posts weekly.

Joi has a great sense of style & I've loved seeing her house evolve. She's a craigslist queen & if you haven't seen her newly designed office, you're missing out!!

I'm sure there are some I missed.. so don't worry, I'm sure there will be a round two at some point! Of course, I regularly peruse some of the bigger design sites for inspiration, but you'll have to stay tuned for the inspiration post to find out which ones! Have any of you had the pleasure of "meeting" these ladies?


Susan said...

those are some of my favorites as well! :)

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Well thanks! This has made my day! Janell

simply seleta said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. But I'm equally interested in checking out these fab blogs!


maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

awwwww, I'm so honored! thanks so much! these r amazing blogs...your wonderful comments are giving me a big smile on my face...means so much, thanks C!

Joi said...

Thanks for the kind words! I am so happy to see my little blog on yours! Your blog is a daily stop for me as well. : )

Sarah said...

AW! Thanks so much, Courtney!!! How sweet of you...you're making me sound way better than I actually am;) It is an honor to be on your Link Love list, as well as in the company of these other amazingly talented ladies!!! I also am a huge fan of most of them, but some are new, so I'm going to have to go check them out:) Thank you, thank you!!

Haven and Home said...

You are so sweet!!!! Lately it seems I never get to read blogs anymore but when I do I defintely hit yours!!!! Thank you for including me!

prairiejewel said...

I read most of these - and they are fabulous blogs! Great choices :-)