Monday, March 29, 2010

An Ugly Corner Made Pretty

As most of you know, Zane and I are living in my parents’ basement “apartment” until our house is built. Unfinished or partially-finished basements aren’t exactly the prettiest things on earth. Such was the case with a little corner I’d been using to house my sewing/crafting/designing stuff. Here’s how it looked before:

Lovely, right? Today I mounted a curtain rod, hung a canvas-dropcloth-turned-curtain, de-cluttered, added some accessories, and this is how it turned out:

Much better don’t you think? See, when I created this idea board ..

.. it really was just an idea.. but then the rug was on sale, and I’d already ordered the light fixture.. so I caved. No, that collapsible table isn’t quite the desk I want.. but I’m improvising for now. I don’t have the light fixture hung yet as I’m having my dad/Zane do a little re-wiring for me, but when I do, I’ll be sure to show you all a photo.

This little urn turned out to be the perfect place to stash some essential tools.

The opposite side of the desk was the perfect place for some pretty white storage containers.

I used some thin pins to tack up inspiration pieces on my bulletin board..

..And I attached burlap to the center and hot glued zebra-esque ribbon to the frame.

Not a pricey transformation, but it definitely spruced up this little corner! Do you guys have any corners in your home that could use some srucing up?




maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

it's amazing how a few accessories can make everything look beautiful & cohesive. what do u know, I'm rearranging/decorating my home office too. Currently making a magnetic chalkboard. Aaahhh, the chevron back splash & those other tiles...heavenly!

Joi said...

It looks great!

Padgett Hoke said...

stumbled upon your site, and love it! the transformation looks great, can't wait to see what other goodies you have on here!