Thursday, April 22, 2010


If your family is anything like Zane and I, you've dealt with the issue of combining styles before. He's into a very rustic, country look. Me, I like a juxtaposition of many different styles, but with more of a modern feel than Zane's into. So of course, we had a few conversations about how we'll (rather, I'll) design the house. One thing I've agreed to is letting a little more of his style shine through in our basement. The walkout, daylight basement will be our fun zone, a casual little oasis where we can relax. So, here's a few of my ideas for the space.

Of course, no basement is complete without some bar furniture, so that's the first thing I went looking for. I just know Zane will love these fun stools from CSN. I went with natural textures on the sofa & rug, Then added in some time-worn rustic pieces with the coffee table & chest-turned-side-table. I couldn't resist a few natural-inspired, yet slightly modern pieces- the throw pillow, light fixture, and ox head. The green noodle chair was a fun find that really serves no purpose other than to add some color and visual interest to the space.

The whole thing is a little out of my comfort zone, but the more time I spend immersed in design, the more varied my taste becomes. Anyone else gone through this whole differing of taste thing with your spouse or roommate? How did you compromise?

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Samantha said...

Hey friend, the photo is not showing up for me. (Firefox)

C @ Project Pretty said...

Thanks girl.. I just uploaded it differently so hopefully you can see it now!

Jasmine said...

I can't wait for you to start building this house... and then decorating it. I'm sure it'll be amazing!