Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday

Good morning, everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Ours was made about 1000x better by 80* temps that are a bit rare in Maine. I spent the weekend relaxing by the pool w/ lemonade & design mags,

working on a new piano piece,

doing exercises in color for my design classes,

and working on the plans for our house.

When we first decided to build, Zane and I drew up our dream home on a napkin while sitting in the car looking out at our property. We talked about the sun exposure we wanted, the space for plenty of kiddos down the road, and the atmosphere we wanted to create. From those rough sketches originated the plans we're working on today. The past week we've spent a lot of time praying about just what to build, and how our house plans line up with God's plan for our family. We spent most of Saturday fasting and then yesterday we had a little talk & discussed our concerns..

Was it too big?

Should we delay longer?

Can we afford it?

We came to the conclusion that we would be open with whatever God told us to do. If we had to scale back, we'd scale back. I won't give you dollar amounts, but we were rather worried that the house would top out our budget.

Last night we ran our floor plans by my uncle, who owns his own construction business & who will be building much of our house. He gave us his estimate on what it would take to build.. and it was a good bit lower than we were thinking. After talking with him, it looks like our dream home (with a few slight modifications) is within reach. How exciting! We still need to make a few revisions to the layout, but as soon as we get them pretty much finished, I'll let you all have a peek!

Have any of you built your own home? Please, I'd love to hear your experiences/tips/woes. And for the rest of you, how was your weekend? Any other pool-dwellers? :)

*Image credits: 1-4 weheartit, last Real Simple

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Monique said...

I just love reading your blog!! Building a house can be stressful if you are being pulled in 20 million directions however it's a wonderful experience when you know what you want. What I can suggest is having someone at the house as much as possible when a new contractor comes by to do his job. I was able to fix their mistakes/misunderstandings early enough so I could have things the way I dreamt of...! I put a lot of importance on having a convenient house (plugs at clever spots for example). You will be fine! Best of luck :)