Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Herringbone Backsplashes

I first mentioned my love for herringbone backsplashes here. While clicking through my reader, I found the following photos over at Things That Inspire.

Let's zoom in a bit, shall we?

The kitchen is designed by the firm Huff-Dewberry and kitchen designer Beth Barfield. I'm starting to notice a trend in backsplashes done with subway tiles in a herringbone pattern- they're most common over the range. Take a look at these other photos I found on flickr & photobucket:

I think I prefer the tile to take up the entire wall behind the range, rather than the framed look. But, both ways are beautiful.

Here are a few different takes on the tile, keeping with the same herringbone pattern.

{first two photos: decorpad.com, last: designerglassmosaics.com}

So, what do you guys think? Anyone else in love with the look? What are your favorite tiles/patterns for backsplashes?

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Pocketfull of Pink @ 5th Belle Ave said...

OH these kitchens make me SWOON! I love this look! I dream often of the kitchen I hope is in my future. LOVEE these pics!

And, I sooo didn't do this on purpose originally, but I have another post title that may make you bust out into song when you read it. Haha, your last comment cracked me up!