Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maine Living

We've been living back in Maine now for 8 1/2 months, and I have to say.. we {for the most part} love it. Sure, it's a bit farther from Ikea & other megastores.. but it's a trade off we were willing to make. We love our little corner of northern Maine, but we also enjoy escaping to the coast. In fact, that's just what we did last weekend. After much careful thought and packing, we headed off to spend the weekend camping by the beach.

{sidenote: Wayyy too much thought has to go into packing when going camping. Seriously.. toothbrushes to silverware, paper towels to extra propane. Thank goodness we didn't forget anything!}

We camped here:

The campground is on this tiny little peninsula so you can literally see water on both sides. It was a little overcast and gloomy while we were there, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Freeport has got to be one of my favorite Maine towns. It's so full of historic houses and charm.. not to mention it's right by the ocean and has fantastic outlet shopping. {I may have been tempted to buy the entire J Crew store this weekend.. amazing sales!} If I had to move somewhere else in Maine, it would be here.

Freeport's claim to fame is also it's original LL Bean store.. or rather, stores. They have a whole bunch of different branch stores, including a factory store, that take up a huge part of downtown. Zane went into the Home store while I was doing some damage at Gap and Banana and found this little stool.

This spurred a conversation on the way home about designing our house. We have these conversations all.the.time. We believe that where ever you are, you should be bold about showing it in your home's decor. What is original or unique to your area? How can you use those things in your home? We decided that we really want to add touches that are purely "Maine" to our home.. Locally made furniture & art, coastal and rustic accessories, and big, bold light fixtures mixed in with our more modern tastes. For us, it'll be a lot of very natural elements balanced out by clean lines and glam touches. I can't wait.

{meg ryan's Martha's Vineyard home via ElleDecor}

Do you love where you live? Whether you do or not, what things can you tie into your home that make it uniquely yours? See, there have to be good things about every place. And pulling elements into your home that you love might make you like {or love} it just a little bit more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mirror..

Just wanted to answer a question a few of you have asked..

#1: The Mirror. Okay, where'd you get it?

You guys are gonna love this one. Lowe's. Sixty-five big ones. Link here. My mom said she liked it when we were in Lowe's looking around, and after a hint to my Dad... that charmer of a man brought it home for her a couple weeks later. About a week after that I spied a post on the same mirror by Caitlyn, and then one over at Design Ties on the whole quatrefoil design. Looks like the quatrefoil is making its' way around.. and now, it's available at a super low price.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Print Curtain Panels from World Market

I was browsing the web for some pretty curtain panels and found a rather unexpected source.. World Market. I guess I'd never really thought to go to them for curtains before, but I was impressed with what I found. Take a look..

All of these panels are under $34.99- great price. Anyone had experience with the quality? If we weren't living in a basement apartment while planning our house right now, I would snatch up a few.. those prints are just pulling me in! I haven't done too much with pattern on the windows before, but these sold me on the idea. The second one and the last are my favorite.. what about you guys?

**Source posts are simply for me to share great finds with you. I am not compensated in any way for sharing the company's products.**

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restyling the Foyer

Tonight I spent a little time rearranging my parents' foyer. It still had remnants of my sisters' party hanging around, and needed a little help. I grabbed a bunch of accessories & printed some botanicals from the NY Public Library's digital gallery. The thing with styling is it takes a bunch of playing around to get it right. Here's a little look at the different options I played around with.

Take #1: Hmm.. not right. Too much stuff. Time to edit a bit..

Take #2: A little better.. still, the styling's a little off. Time to change the foliage in the beaker vase..

Take #3: The little branch is better.. but still too many picture frames everywhere. Time to swap out the frames for a few different things..

Take #4: There. Much better. A little more variety. Let's take a closer look..

I collected a few clippings from bushes outside and placed them in this little pedestal bowl. Those pink flowers aren't from the same bush as the leaves..

The books broke up the plethora of frames..

Love that lantern that my mom had. The beaker-ish looking vase is from ikea.. it cost something like 79 cents. Can't go wrong there! Oh, and before I forget.. Here's another peek at the chair we bought my mom for mothers day:

Isn't the tile job pretty too? They got it done a couple months ago & it has changed the whole look of the place! Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing each of the arrangements.. Maybe you guys liked one of the first three better than the last? It's all about your eye & what looks good to you. There's definitely "good" styling & "bad" styling, but ultimately, if your home makes you happy, then that's what matters.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Due to continued technical difficulties I didn't get this posted yesterday, but I wanted to say a Happy Fathers Day to my dad publicly today anyway! My dad has always been my hero, and I love him SO much! Have fun on your Lowe's shopping spree, Dad! :)

{wedding, 2008}

Friday, June 18, 2010

Off For The Weekend

Thank you all for your sweet comments on the party! It was a lot of fun doing! It's going to be in the upper 80s here this weekend, so you know what that means.. we're headed to the lake! I'll be back on Monday with some fun things, but until then, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Pretty spaces to start the weekend off right: :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chic Grad Party: The Photos

Warning: picture-loaded post ahead!

I finally got through resizing all the photos. There are quite a few! It's funny how everything evolved from ideas into the real thing so fast.

The design started at the front door..

The console table in the entry held a bunch of cards for guests to share a memory they had of the twins. The cards will be placed in a scrapbook for them.

A natural-weave basket was placed on the bottom shelf for cards.

The purple & green theme continued into the family room. The piano was turned into somewhat of a shrine with all their awards.

Candlesticks topped with red cabbage & limes held up their honor sashes & a banner...

..And the desk became a display for their sports awards.

The paper lanterns were all attached to the ceiling with jute and simple white push pins.

The mantle got peppered with limes and a custom burlap banner that read "Congrats".

The kitchen table held the more "healthy foods". We used white cloth tablecloths instead of the typical plastic party ones to make it feel a little less cheesy. It was definitely worth the few dollars spent on them.

... & the island held the plates, utensils, napkin, and drinks. The napkins, of course, started the whole color scheme, & the punch was mixed to match the colors as well.

I designed custom labels for the water bottles & placed them all in a big metal bucket filled with ice.

The dining room housed all the sweets, as well as a couple picture boards for people to peek at (see the "new" chandelier?). I used two burlap runners laid across the middle of the table rather than one long one running lengthwise. It serves to break up the all-white table a bit.

(can you spy my red cabbage/artichoke/lime centerpieces??)

My mom was the brains behind the amazing food.. doesn't it look delicious??

The cake was airbrushed with a custom photo of the twins. I wasn't overly impressed with the job they did, but it wasn't too bad either.

I didn't go all-out on decorating outside as there was a chance of rain that day. The twin lanterns didn't get put up, but the ball jars did make an appearance.

Overall, it was a wonderful party & people seemed to truly enjoy themselves. Of course, there are always people who are oblivious to the effort put into the decor.. But, for those who did notice, it was totally worth it. :)

Design Crush: Thomas O'Brien

Due to the massive amount of pictures I'm editing from the party, we'll take a little detour and talk about something else today. Thomas O'Brien designs some of the most wonderful masculine rooms I've ever seen. He dubs his style "warm modernism".. isn't that the perfect name for it?

His feature in Elle Decor had me swooning..

It's no surprise he designs gorgeous bedding after looking at his own bedroom:

His design firm, Aero Studios, creates beautiful home furnishings for companies like Hickory Chair, Target, and Reed & Barton. I love these bedding sets from Target:

Now, I just need to buy his book...