Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chic Grad Party: The Photos

Warning: picture-loaded post ahead!

I finally got through resizing all the photos. There are quite a few! It's funny how everything evolved from ideas into the real thing so fast.

The design started at the front door..

The console table in the entry held a bunch of cards for guests to share a memory they had of the twins. The cards will be placed in a scrapbook for them.

A natural-weave basket was placed on the bottom shelf for cards.

The purple & green theme continued into the family room. The piano was turned into somewhat of a shrine with all their awards.

Candlesticks topped with red cabbage & limes held up their honor sashes & a banner...

..And the desk became a display for their sports awards.

The paper lanterns were all attached to the ceiling with jute and simple white push pins.

The mantle got peppered with limes and a custom burlap banner that read "Congrats".

The kitchen table held the more "healthy foods". We used white cloth tablecloths instead of the typical plastic party ones to make it feel a little less cheesy. It was definitely worth the few dollars spent on them.

... & the island held the plates, utensils, napkin, and drinks. The napkins, of course, started the whole color scheme, & the punch was mixed to match the colors as well.

I designed custom labels for the water bottles & placed them all in a big metal bucket filled with ice.

The dining room housed all the sweets, as well as a couple picture boards for people to peek at (see the "new" chandelier?). I used two burlap runners laid across the middle of the table rather than one long one running lengthwise. It serves to break up the all-white table a bit.

(can you spy my red cabbage/artichoke/lime centerpieces??)

My mom was the brains behind the amazing food.. doesn't it look delicious??

The cake was airbrushed with a custom photo of the twins. I wasn't overly impressed with the job they did, but it wasn't too bad either.

I didn't go all-out on decorating outside as there was a chance of rain that day. The twin lanterns didn't get put up, but the ball jars did make an appearance.

Overall, it was a wonderful party & people seemed to truly enjoy themselves. Of course, there are always people who are oblivious to the effort put into the decor.. But, for those who did notice, it was totally worth it. :)


Annie said...

i think it all came together totally PERFECT!!!
all looks simply amazing and totally classy!!

MommaAmma said...

It's clear the amount of work you put into this party! The decor is beautiful and the food looks just amazing! What a wonderful way to send your baby sisters off into adulthood; with a grown-up and classy party!

Now go rest!

Michele said...

You did a beautiful job! I wish I had half your talent! Congrats to the girls!

Jennifer said...

the party looks amazing! And I HAVE to know where your mirror in your foyer is from! I need one!

5th Belle Avenue said...

Everything looks AMAZING!!! You should be a professional party planner! :)

Joi said...

You did a great job! The small details make it such a great party! Love the out-of-the-box "theme"!

Sarah said...

Wow!!! You're such an awesome big sister!!!! Love the color palette and the attention to detail:) My favorites are the paper lanterns, sign banners and all that burlap! This must have been so much work...so special of you to have done all that for your sisters:)