Sunday, June 6, 2010

From Brassy to Classy

I've been a little MIA lately due to all the pre-graduation action going on over here. My little sisters are graduating on Friday, and as you know, I'm designing a fab grad party for them. The party has sparked all sorts of home improvement projects around my parents' house, including tacking the overdose of brass in their dining room.

The previous owners built the place in the 90's and I'm pretty sure this chandelier & the switch plate covers below have been there ever since. Since so much moolah had already gone into the living room reno, we spent about $6 for some spray primer and paint and gave these babies a new life!

Here's the lovely before:

The 'during' shot (with primer):

And, here they are after, with some brushed nickel spay paint:

Let's ignore the missing light bulb above.. that was a casualty of the makeover. :)

Anyway, you can't beat $6 for an updated look for the whole room! Now, we just need to tile the fireplace surround, purchase a rug and entertainment hutch, move the furniture back in from the garage, and clean the place from top to bottom before Friday afternoon... no sweat, right??


Pam said...

I have this same light fixture. now if I can get the man of the house to take it down for me to paint. Love yours

Amy Lynn said...

I had no idea they made brushed nickel spray paint! lol... Do you have to do anything to the brass before you paint it? I have a hand me down hutch with brass knobs and details that I would LOVE to change to brushed nickel!

Courtney @ Project Pretty said...

Momma- your comment cracked me up! haha, yes I totally would have gotten rid of blue candles!

Amy- The only thing I would recommend doing before painting would be to scuff it up pretty good with sand paper, and prime- of course. Make sure you let it set for 24 hrs. after painting - otherwise it will scrape off pretty easy. Easy peasy, go for it!!

Haven and Home said...

There is nothing a coat of paint can't help! Looks great!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi, new to your blog. What a great idea. I've been meaning to replace my switch plate covers. This is a great, affordable option.