Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maine Living

We've been living back in Maine now for 8 1/2 months, and I have to say.. we {for the most part} love it. Sure, it's a bit farther from Ikea & other megastores.. but it's a trade off we were willing to make. We love our little corner of northern Maine, but we also enjoy escaping to the coast. In fact, that's just what we did last weekend. After much careful thought and packing, we headed off to spend the weekend camping by the beach.

{sidenote: Wayyy too much thought has to go into packing when going camping. Seriously.. toothbrushes to silverware, paper towels to extra propane. Thank goodness we didn't forget anything!}

We camped here:

The campground is on this tiny little peninsula so you can literally see water on both sides. It was a little overcast and gloomy while we were there, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Freeport has got to be one of my favorite Maine towns. It's so full of historic houses and charm.. not to mention it's right by the ocean and has fantastic outlet shopping. {I may have been tempted to buy the entire J Crew store this weekend.. amazing sales!} If I had to move somewhere else in Maine, it would be here.

Freeport's claim to fame is also it's original LL Bean store.. or rather, stores. They have a whole bunch of different branch stores, including a factory store, that take up a huge part of downtown. Zane went into the Home store while I was doing some damage at Gap and Banana and found this little stool.

This spurred a conversation on the way home about designing our house. We have these conversations all.the.time. We believe that where ever you are, you should be bold about showing it in your home's decor. What is original or unique to your area? How can you use those things in your home? We decided that we really want to add touches that are purely "Maine" to our home.. Locally made furniture & art, coastal and rustic accessories, and big, bold light fixtures mixed in with our more modern tastes. For us, it'll be a lot of very natural elements balanced out by clean lines and glam touches. I can't wait.

{meg ryan's Martha's Vineyard home via ElleDecor}

Do you love where you live? Whether you do or not, what things can you tie into your home that make it uniquely yours? See, there have to be good things about every place. And pulling elements into your home that you love might make you like {or love} it just a little bit more.


Chrissy and Nate said...

Maine is gorgeous, I went there a few years ago (to Portland) and loved it! My husband and I live in Texas... the hills and plains is what's going on in our area! Wouldn't have it any other way though!

MommaAmma said...

We love staying in Fryeburg at Peace With Inn and driving all around ME, NH, and VT. Oh how I miss it.

I live in Kansas which gets a really bad rap but we have the Flint Hills which in the Spring are the most vibrant green. I use this beautiful site in my decor, art and color in my living room.