Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Restyling the Foyer

Tonight I spent a little time rearranging my parents' foyer. It still had remnants of my sisters' party hanging around, and needed a little help. I grabbed a bunch of accessories & printed some botanicals from the NY Public Library's digital gallery. The thing with styling is it takes a bunch of playing around to get it right. Here's a little look at the different options I played around with.

Take #1: Hmm.. not right. Too much stuff. Time to edit a bit..

Take #2: A little better.. still, the styling's a little off. Time to change the foliage in the beaker vase..

Take #3: The little branch is better.. but still too many picture frames everywhere. Time to swap out the frames for a few different things..

Take #4: There. Much better. A little more variety. Let's take a closer look..

I collected a few clippings from bushes outside and placed them in this little pedestal bowl. Those pink flowers aren't from the same bush as the leaves..

The books broke up the plethora of frames..

Love that lantern that my mom had. The beaker-ish looking vase is from ikea.. it cost something like 79 cents. Can't go wrong there! Oh, and before I forget.. Here's another peek at the chair we bought my mom for mothers day:

Isn't the tile job pretty too? They got it done a couple months ago & it has changed the whole look of the place! Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing each of the arrangements.. Maybe you guys liked one of the first three better than the last? It's all about your eye & what looks good to you. There's definitely "good" styling & "bad" styling, but ultimately, if your home makes you happy, then that's what matters.


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Looks great, it was fun to see your process.. I'm just like you, keep moving and altering until it feels perfect! xx

MommaAmma said...

I like your folliage change and the reduction of frames.

I must know where she found that mirror. Pretty please?

Courtney @ Project Pretty said...

Thanks Sarah!

Momma- wait just one more post.. The source is coming right up! :)