Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy "Monday" Morning..

When you have a Monday off, Tuesday always feels like Monday.. And for some reason, the Monday factor is multiplied by 10 because you've just enjoyed a fabulous long weekend and are SO not looking forward to returning to work. This Tuesday morning feels even worse because I spent yesterday white water rafting- collecting a few bruises, and getting a pretty lobster-ish sunburn. Yes yes, I used sunscreen.. but you try being on the river from 7am to 3pm and not getting a little red! :) Anyway, it's rather obvious I'd rather be spending the day sleeping in and lounging around in the boat, flipping through magazines.. That is, after all, how I spend the rest of the weekend.

Wouldn't you love to curl up in one of these rooms this morning?

And then spend the rest of the day at the lake?

Yeah, me too. :) Unfortunately, it's off to work instead. I'm sure I won't be the only one day-dreaming of such things today.

Images via weheartit.com.

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Sarah said...

That loft bed has my name written ALL over it. :)