Friday, August 6, 2010

I Still {heart} Ikat

Ikat has been around the design world for a while, comparatively speaking with other trends. But, I've never stopped loving it for one moment. And, it seems to still be going strong. Check out this article by AT, and this one from the Examiner (from my own Portland, ME).

Well, when I saw this comforter set from Target, I had to have it. I wish I could remember which blogger first posted about it- I'd love to give credit, because this is a fabulous deal.

Doesn't it remind you of this Madeline Weinrib print?

Or this one from Thibaut..

Here's the Target comforter in our basement "studio" apartment.

I like that it works in our current small space, and will transition into our new home as well. And, even if it doesn't work so well in the new house, it wasn't much of an investment anyway. Are you guys still in love with Ikat?


Joi said...

I'm an Ikat fan, in spurts. You're bedding looks lovely!

GB said...

Love the bedding. Am new to your blog, found it via layers of meaning.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

I just discovered your blog and is lovely. Hope you can visit mine. I am also hosting a jewelry giveaway.