Thursday, September 23, 2010


I LOVE fall. New England is just bursting at the seams with charm during this time & I LOVE all the changing leaves. I just bought a new package of cinnamon apple tea and some pure amish honey, so bring on the boots, sweaters, and chilly nights! Don't these rooms just put you in the 'fall mood'??

{Southern Living idea house}

{InStyle Home}

{Kay Douglas for House Beautiful}

{Southern Living}

Love these etched pumpkins??
Download the template here, courtesy of Southern Living.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Revamped Chair

This past weekend I helped my cousin Tiffany transform this...

Into this...

Quite the difference, huh? It's amazing what a little re-upholstery can do! She scored a TON of this fabric for a ridiculous price, so I imagine it'll be making it's way into a few other projects in her future. :) Next on her list of to-do's for this chair is give it a fresh coat of creamy-white spray paint.. won't that look fantastic?

Here's a couple "action shots"..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do You Rue?

{photo from the premiere issue}

I'm sure most of you have checked out the new Rue online mag. I'm loving it.. right up there with Lonny. Maybe even more. :) Here are a couple of my faves..

I love Co-Founder Crystal Gentilello's bedroom in her little Chicago apartment... gorgeous!

Speaking of Chicago.. I'm going to be there the last week of this month for work.. any chance there are some of you Chicago ladies that would like to meet up? Shoot me an email if you're interested!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's Been Keeping Me So Busy..

You all know I've been a little MIA lately. I figured I'd now tell you why. This past weekend I was the speaker for a teen girls retreat through our church. I had 5 different sessions (1-2 hrs long each) to prepare for, plus all the coordinating power points, games, and demonstrations. Needless to say, there was a lot of prep time involved. Anyway, I got to hang out with a group of girls ages 13-18 all weekend, and it was a blast. Since that has consumed my time much more than design lately, I figured I'd share a few photos from the weekend.

{yours truly in front of the lake}

{the lodge where we ate}

{the prayer chapel}

{the little cabin the girls and I met in}

{some of the girls getting supper}

{me with some of the girls.. yes I'm the one with the huge hair :) }

It was a fantastic weekend & I loved spending it doing something I'm passionate about. Thank you all for hanging in there despite my absence & welcome to the few new readers. You guys are the best!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Perfect Dressing Room Chair

Not only is he gorgeous, but Nate Berkus designs a pretty sexy chair. This one, in pink, would be absolutely PERFECT in a dressing room. If I were building a closet big enough, I would seriously consider adding this one to my cart.

The caster feet are the perfect touch. I think I'd put it smack dab in the center of an all white room.. and of course, all the clothes hanging up would be color coded. I might add a fun rug as well..

Something like this, only with pink versus red. Rug via world market. Add a fun chandelier, and I'd have the perfect spot to get dressed each morning.. There's nothing like dreaming on the first morning back to work after a long weekend! Happy "Monday" everyone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

For The House: Hardware

I have a secret source for amazing, super cheap hardware and you'll never guess what it is....

The Amish! There's this little Amish store south of here about 45 minutes that has all sorts of hardware for amazing prices. Seriously.. who would've thought.

So yesterday, Zane and I picked up a bunch of the cabinet hardware for our house. Forget the fact that we don't have a driveway yet.. priorities people! :)

The pulls are for our kitchen. They embody the entire look we're going for in our house- organic modern with touches of rustic.

The coordinating knobs were purchased just in case we wanted to use knobs in a few places instead of the pulls. For the most part though, I only want to use pulls.

The glass knobs are for our master bath. We're going for a very sophisticated, elegant feel in there, and these will be perfect on the vanity.

I bet you're itching to know the price... we paid just $1.50 EACH for these pieces. Similar pulls & knobs go for anywhere from $4-12 each. Hence the reason we bought them so early- it was a heck of a deal!

There's a few more items off the "to buy for the house" checklist!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Rooms

Happy first day of September! In my mind, September has always been a fall month, but we've been having record highs here in Maine the past week. 90 degrees at the beginning of September is very unusual, but I'm SO not complaining! Maine is known for being finicky weather-wise, so we'll take as much sunshine as we can get! You all heard about my southern wanna-be side, but there's also a good bit of a coast lover in me too. Contrary to popular opinion, only a small part of Maine is 'coastal'. I'm about 4 hours from the coast, but go every time I get the chance. A few months ago I subscribed to Coastal Living, and I've enjoyed seeing all the Maine properties and activities featured. There's just something fabulous about a relaxed, airy beach house, and that magazine is full of them. So, in the spirit of keeping summer around a little longer, here are just a few of my fave rooms from Coastal Living.