Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Rooms

Happy first day of September! In my mind, September has always been a fall month, but we've been having record highs here in Maine the past week. 90 degrees at the beginning of September is very unusual, but I'm SO not complaining! Maine is known for being finicky weather-wise, so we'll take as much sunshine as we can get! You all heard about my southern wanna-be side, but there's also a good bit of a coast lover in me too. Contrary to popular opinion, only a small part of Maine is 'coastal'. I'm about 4 hours from the coast, but go every time I get the chance. A few months ago I subscribed to Coastal Living, and I've enjoyed seeing all the Maine properties and activities featured. There's just something fabulous about a relaxed, airy beach house, and that magazine is full of them. So, in the spirit of keeping summer around a little longer, here are just a few of my fave rooms from Coastal Living.

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A Southern Accent said...

Love love that bedroom! The navy and white is fablous!