Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Strong Night

I don't have any real news to share this morning, except that Zane has had another strong night. His vital signs remain strong and his oxygen support is down to 40%, which is the lowest they go. The cultures of his blood, urine, and sputum that they sent out continue to show no infection thus far.

Praise God for uneventful nights. Each one we get is a HUGE blessing. We know just how precious they are after Thursday night's events. One of these days I might just leave the hospital and sleep in a real bed. :) Our God is so, so faithful.

I was able to go into his room late last night and spend some time with him. It was such a special time. I thought about what he might want to hear, and Amazing Grace came to mind. He loved that song. I figured that if I were in a coma, I wouldn't want to hear myself singing, so I hummed several verses of Amazing Grace. And isn't it true? God's grace truly is amazing. He's poured out huge amounts of it over the past 5 days. We pray for continued grace to go through this time, and for continued healing for Zane.

Each day is a miracle, and we are so privileged to be able to witness so many acts of God.


Jessica Davis said...

Praise God!! That is such great news!! Stay strong Courtney and keep fighting Zane!!
Jessica Davis

Roseann Gove said...

What a beautiful picture of marriage,two hearts united as one in both the good and difficult times. Checking your updates and praying for you and Zane daily! God is indeed faithful!

Roseann Gove,
Parent of GHCA student

Birdie said...

I'm a new reader, and I just have to say that you have so much grace and are so strong. You and your husband are so similar to me and mine, that it just breaks my heart to read your struggles. We are praying for you every day! I hope he has a speedy recovery and your life goes on as planned, as you deserve it to. Much love

One Heart said...

Happy to hear. Continued prayers for all of you. God taps me on the shoulder and just reminds me of how much He loves you as He gently stirs me up to pray for you even while I was gardening this morning. He loves you and is in complete control. Blessings!

Katie said...

Courtney, I am so glad he is doing better!!! God is so awesome. I will continue to keep praying for Zane and the rest of your family, and hope that he keeps improving!
God Bless.

Kishah said...

Yay! This is wonderful news! I am so happy that God is always there in times of trouble! Praying for more improvement and complete recovery!

Ruth said...

Dear Courtney, i happened upon your blog through someone else's and wanted to let you know i stopped by... and as i did, i said a prayer for Zane. He and you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayer. Hang on there... there isn't anything that out God cannot and healing will come for Zane from Zion!!

let's keep the faith.
Love and prayers,

Nancy Grush said...

The Prayer Partners of The Lutheran Church of the Epiphany in Winston-Salem, NC have been praying daily for both Zane and you. We pray that God will give you strength and grace to stand firm in faith during this time of extreme trial.

Praying for healing and strength,
Nancy Grush
Prayer Chain Coordinator

Chelsea Hopkins said...

Your wedding pictures were the first pictures I saw of Lauren's, and I kept looking at them again and again because you are such a cute couple and family! I know I have never met you, but being such a small community in Aroostook County, I have seen you at sporting events, or even at seem to have a love for life, and you are so positive during this time....I have been praying for you daily....stay strong :)

Chelsea Hopkins

Lorraine said...

Dear Courtney,

Many are praying for Zane, you and the family during this time. Thank you so much for the updates. You are such a blessing and a reflection of the strength the Lord gives us during difficult times. God is using you mightily!!! My friends in Arizona and Kansas are continually praying as my church family here in Maine. I am praying for you to be able to get the needed rest you need during this time as well. So happy to hear about the progress that Zane is showing. We do have an amazing God! Take care of yourself.....praying also for Zane's doctors for amazing wisdom from the Lord.....God bless...Lorraine (Maine)

Anonymous said...

Courtney and family,

I am thinking of you daily, and you are continuously in my prayers. Glad to hear that he is improving each day, as we all know each day is a blessing.

Love and prayers,
Heather (HRH ER)

Carol said...

Praise God!
Courtney, you and Zane have wonderful prayer cover. We will keep praying!

Sue said...

I have come via another blog requesting prayer. I will be praying for Zane, and you, as you trust God for healing.

Sarah said...

PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!! so glad to hear is is stable and that the grafting will take place this week.

Anonymous said...

JJ and I just spent time praying for you and Zane. May God heal Zane and give you the strength you need during this time. We will keep you both in our prayers!
In Christ, Lianne Bourgoin

Joi said...

Still praying for all of you!