Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Plan: The Great Room

I've mentioned before how Zane and I have differing design styles. I think almost any couple can relate to some extent. He loves all things rustic and raw. While I can appreciate those things in proper dosage, I have a greater appreciation for a more contemporary, clean, but organic & cozy look. We are super blessed to have agreed on all major finish choices thus far. Our floors will all be a hand scraped engineered hardwood with a dark finish. All our trim will be a crisp white. Our kitchen cabinets will be a warm white. You get the idea.

I realize the house won't be built til spring, but perhaps what makes me okay with waiting so long is the opportunity to refine our choices. Such is the case with our great room. The key here was to make it very kid-friendly (no, no bun in the oven for a few years), laid-back, but sophisticated. And, our goal for each room is to have one element that people say "wow" about. That element in this room will be the fireplace.

We're going to have a propane fireplace built up on a hearth about 2-3 feet high. The material will be a stacked stone with a hand-hewn (by Zane himself) beam for the mantel. The other element in the room will be decidedly neutral. I have an ever-changing style and the higher dollar elements need to be ones that I can easily integrate less expensive accessories with. Take a peek.

Isn't that side table PERFECT?!? It's my more modern touch to the rustic coffee table (which we'll be building ourselves as well). Gosh, I can't wait to pull it all together. But for now, back to perfecting the floor plans & calculating the linear footage of trim we need. :)

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